Best Food At Q2 Stadium + Here’s What’s New For 2024!

We’ve talked about Q2 Stadium plenty over here at The Austin Things. It’s a GORGEOUS soccer stadium that was built in 2020 to provide a home base for Austin FC, Austin’s MLS team. There are plenty of reasons why Q2 Stadium is the ultimate destination for soccer fans, but, one of the big reasons why Austin FC fans love this place? The food at Q2 Stadium is incredible. 

Q2 Stadium

Yeah, we’re not talking about classic stadium food like hot dogs, burgers, and soggy french fries. If you get tickets to see an Austin FC game, you’ll have access to authentic Mexican street food tacos, some of the best BBQ in the city of austin, classic Austin vegan queso, Sonoran hot dogs wrapped in bacon and tucked inside GREEN hot dog buns, and craft beer from nearby Austin breweries. Even if you don’t consider yourself a soccer fan, it’s still worth getting a ticket to an Austin FC match just to visit the stadium, feel the energy, and eat your way around Q2. 

Q2 Stadium-03

The Best Food At Q2 Stadium

New Food At Q2 Stadium For 2024

Kerbey Lane Queso at Q2 Stadium

Kerbey Lane Café, a local Austin kitchen that’s been serving scratch-made comfort food since 1980, announced that they’re going to be the official MLS Queso Partner of Austin FC! Look for the Kerbey Lane booth at the northeast corner of the stadium (right by the Zebra Gate). Kerbey Lane will be offering both their Classic Queso, made with whole milk, signature white cheese, onions, tomatoes, jalapeño peppers and cilantro, as well as their Vegan Queso, supplied by local Austin brand Credo Foods. Need a beverage? Kerbey Lane will also be selling margaritas at their cart. 

Q2 Stadium

OneTaco will officially be taking over the space that used to be occupied by Tacodeli. For the first two seasons, OneTaco has been at a cart located behind section 132. They’ll keep that cart + expand to the larger kitchen behind section 122. This means fans can now order ahead on the Q2 Stadium App for a faster taco fix. OneTaco has stated that they’ll keep the same menu at the original cart but they’ll expand the menu at their new, larger location at Q2 Stadium. 

T-Loc's Sonora hot dog at Q2 Stadium

T-Loc’s Sonora Hot Dogs is introducing a cold shrimp cocktail to their menu. It’s tangy, a bit spicy, and the perfect snack to enjoy on a warm Austin evening. 

Q2 Stadium

What Should I Eat At Q2 Stadium?

Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ

Valentina's Tex Mex BBQ at Q2 Stadium
Valentina's Tex Mex BBQ at Q2 Stadium

Returning for the third season, Valentina’s will be located in the southeast corner of the stadium. Of course, the menu is much more limited than what you can find at their popular south Austin food truck, but you can still find a brisket taco and a bbq sandwich available at Q2 Stadium. Order early…they often sell out. 


OneTaco at Q2 Stadium

These are some of the best tacos in Austin AND they’re available at Q2 Stadium! Sometimes when you eat at a sporting event, the food vendors tend to skimp on the toppings and fillings…but not OneTaco! They fill up the tacos until they’re stuffed full with delicious, warm, flavorful carne asada and pastor and chicken, and top their tacos with fresh-cut avocado, plenty of lime juice, and their own spicy fresh salsa. 

T-Loc’s Sonora Hot Dogs

Q2 Stadium-02

These green hot dogs are just so much fun! T-Loc’s, a food truck located at the 5000 Burnet food truck park in north Austin, is returning to Q2 for the third season. Look for their food truck at the northwest corner of the stadium (behind section 120). What’s a loaded Sonora hot dog? Well, they start with a bacon-wrapped hot dog, tuck it inside a steamed (bright green!) bun, top it with pinto beans, sauteed onions, diced tomatoes and onions, and a squeeze of mayo, mustard, and jalapeno sauce. 

Kerbey Lane Queso Stand

Kerbey Lane Queso at Q2 Stadium

Kerbey Lane has announced they’ll start serving queso at Q2 Stadium in spring of 2023. If you know anything about the queso scene in Austin, you know that Kerbey Lane is considered one of the BEST queso spots in Austin. Bonus: Kerbey Lane’s cart at Q2 also sells margaritas, so you don’t have to make a separate visit to the bar. 

Bao’d Up

Bao'd Up Steam Buns at Q2 Stadium

Have you ever considered bao buns are the perfect stadium food? It’s true! You can hold it in one hand, it doesn’t require utensils, and unlike hotdogs or hamburgers, when you bite into it it’s not going to get you all messy from toppings and condiments that fall out the other side. Bao’d Up knows this, and that’s why they’re back at Q2 for Austin FC’s third season. Bonus: if you need a vegan option at Q2 Stadium, Bao’d Up is going to be your new favorite spot. Their veggie bao bun is absolutely delicious. 

Double Dave’s Pizzeria

double Daves pizza at Q2 Stadium

Double Dave’s is a popular pizza chain in Texas. We’re not going to say it’s the best pizza in Austin, but when you’re at a soccer match and in the spirit of the game, it’s a pretty delicious thing to eat in one hand while holding a cold beer in the other. A fun perk about Double Dave’s: you can place your order ahead of time on the Q2 app, thus avoiding annoying stadium lines while you’re really just wanting to watch the game. 

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