Austin Bats: Here’s Exactly How To See Them!

How to see the bats in Austin

  The Austin Bats are the largest urban colony of bats in the WORLD! So yes, if you’re visiting Austin Texas, you absolutely must go see the bats emerging from the Congress bridge. It’s actually very, very cool. What’s the best way to see the Austin bats?  It’s pretty simple. They sleep all day under…

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Where To Stay In Austin For A Bachelorette Party: Here’s A Map

Pool at The Thompson Hotel in Austin

There’s no doubt that Austin is an incredible place for a bachelorette weekend. It’s perfect for people who want to just have FUN without a lot of pressure. We’re pretty casual here in ATX…this isn’t going to be your LA or Miami nightlife scene. Instead, Austin has great dancing, insane restaurants, all sorts of weird/local…

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What Is Austin Texas Queso? 

Austin Texas Queso

First off, don’t be weird and call it “cheese dip.” Queso is a BIG thing in Austin, and there’s no quicker way to show you don’t belong than by saying “let’s go get some burritos and cheese dip!” This spectacular appetizer (and sometimes a full meal…come on, everyone’s done it at least once) is one…

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What To Wear To Austin In The Winter

Austin skyline in the winter

Are you planning to visit Austin this winter but wondering what to wear? We got your back! After securing your plane tickets, packing what to add to your wardrobe is the next thing you’re probably thinking about. Austin street style is fun, but don’t consider style alone; also focus on comfort and warmth when selecting…

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