101 Free Things To Do In Austin (2023!)

BLANTON MUSEUM OF ART - 101 free things to do in ATX!

Austin, Texas isn’t cheap, but there are still plenty of free things to do in Austin if you know where to look! So if you love hunting for a deal and scoping out budget-friendly travel ideas, this post is for you. From music to festivals, to museum exhibits, concerts, free zoo events, guided tours, kid-friendly…

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Hiking In Austin: The 15 Best Trails (With Maps!)

Violet Crown Trail

When you’re ready to lace up your hiking shoes and get out to enjoy nature, use this guide to get a bit of inspiration for some fun hiking trail in Austin! Austin is a very outdoorsy city with lots of great hiking trails. Ask anyone who lives here and they’ll tell you that the terrain…

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What Is There To Do In April In Austin? 

Go to a farmers market

Sure, it’s not quite the crazy month of march when SXSW hits Austin. And it’s not the beautiful fall months when you can experience warm afternoons and ACL Festival. But spring in Austin is an AWESOME time to live in/visit this city, and there are tons of things to do in April in Austin. Here…

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Austin Bats: Here’s How To See Them!

How to see the bats in Austin

  The Austin Bats are the largest urban colony of bats in the WORLD! So yes, if you’re visiting Austin Texas, you absolutely must go see the bats emerging from the Congress bridge. It’s actually very, very cool. What’s the best way to see the Austin bats?  It’s pretty simple. They sleep all day under…

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Where To Find Beaches In Austin

Beaches in Austin Texas

Let’s start by making something really clear: the beaches in Austin are lake beaches and river beaches. Obvious, sure, but it’s nice to just clear things up from the beginning. There are no oceans in Austin, TX. Shocker. However, there are some really great sandy beach areas, clean, cold water, and beautiful places to enjoy…

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A List Of All The Bars on Menchaca Road (Ranked)

Giddy Ups Bar

Let’s be honest…there are too many people on Rainey Street and Downtown Austin on any Saturday night. Those two popular spots for nightlife in Austin are typically packed, so we’re always searching for more venues for drinks and live music. Austinites love to go out and have a good time, and we need more venues…

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13 Epic Spring Break Ideas In Austin

spring break ideas in Austin

SPRING BREAK!! If those two words in all caps don’t make you want to jump in a swimming pool and open a can of ice-cold beer, not sure anything will… 😉 Austin Texas is one of the premier destinations for spring break travelers around the country. Why? Sun, tacos, music, swimming. Do you really need…

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