What Is Austin Texas Queso? 

Austin Texas Queso

First off, don’t be weird and call it “cheese dip.” Queso is a BIG thing in Austin, and there’s no quicker way to show you don’t belong than by saying “let’s go get some burritos and cheese dip!” This spectacular appetizer (and sometimes a full meal…come on, everyone’s done it at least once) is one…

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7 Absolutely Iconic Queso Spots In Austin

Torchy's Queso in Austin

Queso is a quintessential Austin food. It’s a melty, gooey, shareable dish of cheese + various toppings, and it’s always served with crip, salty tortilla chips (some are better than others…more on that later.) Visitors always want to know where to find the best queso in Austin, so here’s a roundup of 7 great options…

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