A Map Of The Best Cocktail Bars In Austin

The next time you’re in the mood for a fun night out of cocktails with your friends, or you’re looking for a swanky cocktail bar in Austin for pre-dinner drinks, check out one of these fun spots. Rather than an exhaustive list of all the places in town to get cocktails, this is a roundup of the truly memorable places that every Austinite should try. 

As always, there’s a map below so you can quickly find the cocktail bar near you. If you’d like to share this with a friend, please do!


Holiday Bar Austin
cocktails in austin

This one is new and SO much fun! What used to be a car repair shop in east Austin has been beautifully renovated into a bright, airy cocktail and snack bar from the owner of Kinda Tropical (just down the road!) Holiday is a refreshing place that quite literally makes you feel like you're on vacation.

Walk inside and seat yourself (the giant back patio has LOTS of space!) and a server will come take your order.

The drink menu is fairly robust, but the martinis are what they're really known for here so that's a good place to start.

The food menu is written as a snacky sort of way, but there are a few items that are a bit more substantial and could totally pass for a full dinner.

5020 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78702 |WEBSITE|

Bosses Office

Best Cocktail Bars in Austin - Bosses Office

A new speakeasy-style cocktail bar from Jacoby Restaurant Group, Bosses Office offers craft cocktails, small bites ranging from stuffed pretzels to caviar service, and Antonelli's cheese boards.

The space (formerly Swift Pizza Co.) is moody and intimate. There's a small bar with several bar stools, and lots of lounge space with couches and tables.

3223 E 7th St, Austin TX  |WEBSITE|

Midnight Cowboy

Midnight Cowboy Cocktail in Austin
Midnight Cowboy Cocktail in Austin

The OG speakeasy bar in Austin, Midnight Cowboy is located on dirty 6th street…and it’s one of the only truly worthwhile spots on that street. Be sure to make reservations in advance (this is a popular place!) and know the secret word to be admitted into the unmarked bar.

Once you’re inside, you’ll be taken care of by a team of skilled bartenders who prepare drinks tableside. Midnight Cowboy could easily be a destination in and of itself, or you could go here after heading to a downtown dinner restaurant.

313 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78701 |WEBSITE|


Cocktail at DrinkWell in Austin

This North Loop gem has been a longtime favorite among Austin residents. Since it’s up north, it’s away from the downtown/Rainey tourist crowd.

It’s a small bar with a neighborhood feel, but the drinks are expertly prepared every time…oh, and the food menu is really great, too! (Try their burger.) This is one of the best cocktail bars in Austin, and it feels like REAL Austin. 

207 E 53rd St, Austin, TX 78751 |WEBSITE|


Pasta|Bar Cocktail Bar

This is a fun one to have on the list because most people don't know about it...so it's great for busy weekends when you're hoping to find two barstools and a handcrafted cocktail.

Pasta|Bar Austin is the Austin outpost of Michelin-starred Pasta|Bar LA. It's an intimate 10-seat pasta tasting menu with tickets that sell out well in advance.

However, the lobby entrance to the restaurant is a swanky cocktail bar. The exterior isn't marked, so you'll just have to use your map service of choice and then look for the door. But once you're in, you'll be greeted with a beautiful cocktail menu of signature drinks, as well as a skilled bartender who can make pretty much anything you want. (Note that the bar is most crowded right before each group is seated in the restaurant, so check the times on that.)

1133 E 11th St, Austin, TX 78702 |WEBSITE|

Nickel City

Nickel City Cocktail Bar

Nickel City looks like any old dive bar, but it’s actually one of the best cocktail bars in Austin. It’s well known for being a place where bartenders like to go after their shifts, but it’s also popular among east Austinites who show up as regulars. There’s both indoor and outdoor seating available, to-go cocktails, and a food menu. {Photo: Nickel City Facebook}

1133 E 11th St, Austin, TX 78702 |WEBSITE|

Small Victory

Small Victory Cocktail Bar

Yet another speakeasy-style bar in downtown Austin, Small Victory sets itself apart by being one of the few bars in Austin that creates its own ice. Because of that, the cocktail program here is among the best in Austin. You’ll get the absolute best, coldest martini in town. Pair that with their fun charcuterie boards and this makes an excellent date spot.

108 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78701 |WEBSITE|


Watertrade cocktail bar in Austin
Watertrade cocktail bar in Austin
Watertrade cocktail bar in Austin

If you’ve ever tried (and failed) to get tickets to the 12-seat Japanese restaurant Otoko, try going to Watertrade instead. It’s the Japanese cocktail bar that’s at the entrance to the restaurant, and reservations aren’t required. It’s a phenomenal place with dark wood, leather couches, no windows, and the best Japanese-inspired cocktails in town. 

The entrance is at the top of an unmarked staircase in the South Congress Hotel courtyard. And if you’re worried that you might be walking into a stranger’s room, know that you’ll see the word “OTOKO” at the door to be certain you’re in the right place.

1603 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704 |WEBSITE|

The Roosevelt Room

roosevelt room cocktail bar in Austin

This popular downtown Austi cocktail bar has a massive menu, so plan on enjoying two drinks during your visit. It’s an industrial chic space with both downstairs and upstairs space. Roosevelt Room is a great space to go with the classic cocktails (although they do have some fun, creative items on the menu as well.) {Photo: The Roosevelt Room Facebook}

307 W 5th St, Austin, TX 78701 |WEBSITE|


Garage Bar Austin

Yet another fun speakeasy in Austin with a hard-to-find entrance, Garage Bar is (yup..) inside a parking garage. But it’s not just a gimmicky little spot…they have a legit program with craft  cocktails (try the old fashioned) in a mid century-inspired space. The line will be long on the weekends, so make a reservation in advance. {Photo: Garage Cocktail Bar Facebook}

503 Colorado St, Austin, TX 78701 |WEBSITE|

Here Nor There

Here Nor There Austin

There are several speakeasies on this guide to the best cocktail bars in Austin, but Here Nor There is the only true Speakeasy.. You can’t even make reservations on the website! In order to find it, you’ll need to download the app, make a reservation there (anyone can do this, but there are annual memberships available if you’d prefer to be a VIP), and you’ll get details about how to find the bar. 

The drinks are awesome. Truly expertly crafted cocktails, and since it’s a secret spot, it’s never over-crowded like some other cocktail bars in Austin.

612 Brazos St, Austin, TX 78701 |WEBSITE|

Little Brother Bar

Little Brother Bar Austin

Not only is it one of the best cocktail bars in Austin…Little Brother Bar is one of the smallest cocktail bars in Austin. With just enough space to stand up (or grab a coveted barstool) and enjoy your drink before heading down Rainey Street, Little Brother Bar has some of the best bartenders in town, a solid cocktail menu, and a few bites. (Pssst: great coffee here, too, if you find yourself on Rainey Street in the morning.)

89 Rainey St, Austin, TX 78701 |WEBSITE|

Half Step

Half Step Bar Rainey Street
Half Step Bar Rainey Street

Several years ago this was THE place to go on Rainey Street for really great cocktails. But as Rainey Street has gotten more bro-ey, the prices have gone up and the quality has gone down. Still, this is one of your best bets for great craft cocktails on Rainey Street. 

75 1/2 Rainey St, Austin, TX 78701 |WEBSITE|

Tiki Tatsu-ya

Tiki Tatsu-ya

For a totally immersive tiki experience, Tiki Tatsu-ya is the hottest ticket in town! Again, it’s a bit of a speakeasy vibe (the front is marked as a travel agency, and the actual entrance is at the back.) It features about 200 rums, and the cocktails pay homage to the heyday of tiki cocktails (30s and 40s).

The team went 100% all-out with the island decor, and it feels a bit like you’re walking onto a movie set! Also worth noting: the Polynesian-inspired menu is phenomenal. It’s from the same team who owns a few of the best restaurants in town (Dip Dip Dip Tatsu-ya, Ramen Tatsu-ya, and Kemuri Tatsu-ya.) {Photo: Tiki Tatsu-ya Facebook}

300 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704 |WEBSITE|

Seven Grand

Seven Grand Austin

If you’re looking for the best whiskey selection in Austin, you must check out Seven Grand. It’s a dark, sexy, masculine bar. Whether you’re a whiskey aficionado or you just enjoy whiskey-based cocktails like an old fashioned, a rye manhattan, or a mint julep, you’ll have a good time here.

It’s under the same roof as Las Perlas (next on this list), so if you’re into mezcal, check out that one too. {Photo: Seven Grand Facebook}

405 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78701

Las Perlas

Las Perlas Austin

Though it shares a roof with Seven Grand, this Austi cocktail bar has a completely different vibe! Las Perlas is the fun, crazy, younger cousin who really just wants to make sure everyone is having a lively time. They have an impressive selection of mezcal (and bartenders who love to talk to you about it, if you’re not totally informed about this spirit.) There’s an amazing taco truck out back, 400+ agave spirits, and a fantastic menu of craft cocktails.

405 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78701

Sazan Ramen

Sazan Ramen Bar
Sazan Cocktail Bar

While the north Austin cocktail scene isn’t quite as robust as the downtown Austin, Sazan is a fun, lesser-known spot to try the next time you want a beautiful cocktail. 

This north Austin whisky bar + ramen restaurant specializes in Japanese whisky drinks. Specifically, their claim to fame is a multi-step old fashioned: they prepare it by starting with a smoked orange rind that’s squeezed around the rim of the glass, creating the perfect smokiness on your lips with every sip, and and finishing with white oak chips smoked directly into the glass (at your table!).

6929 Airport Blvd #146, Austin, TX 78752

Milonga Room

Milonga Room

A very cool, very underspoken gem in the Austin cocktail bar scene, Milonga Room is the downstairs space to Buenos Aires Cafe. They focus on amaro-based cocktails. You need a reservation to get in, so it’s a great space if you often feel overwhelmed by noisy cocktail bars. {Photo: Milonga Room Facebook}

1201 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702


East Austin Restaurants

Whisler’s used to be one of the BEST cocktail bars in Austin, but (similar to Half Step on Rainey Street) as the neighborhood grew trendier among tourists, the drinks at this west Sixth institution have gradually gone up in price and down in craft. 

However, Whisler’s is still worth visiting for a few reasons. First, it really is a fun environment with live music, a large outdoor space, and a food truck parked out back that serves amazing fried chicken sandwiches. Also, there’s a “secret” mezcaleria tucked into their upstairs space. It’s only open on Fridays and Saturdays, but if you’re into mezcal (or you just want to visit a cool, lesser-known bar), it’s worth stopping by. {Photo: Whisler's Facebook}

1816 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702

Fierce Whiskers

Bachelor Party Ideas in Austin

Ok…technically a distillery, but the cocktail program at Fierce Whiskers is so impressive that it needs to be labeled as a cocktail bar, too! They distill their own spirits (whiskey, rum, gin, and agave) and have beautiful distillery + tasting room that’s open for tours, tastings, and cocktails.

Adjacent to the tasting room is a a 5-story bonded rickhouse to deal with the Texas climate.

Step outside to enjoy the Texas terrain of picnic tables, a food truck, cedars trees, and views for days. Just about 10 min from downtown Austin! 🥃

WEBSITE | 5333 Fleming Ct, Austin, TX 78744


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