A Map Of The BEST Local Food At The Austin Airport (ABIA)

Whether you have a long layover (ugh) or you just need a quick bite of food at the Austin Airport, you’re in luck: ABIA has TONS of local Austin restaurants!

Since we have a reputation of being a foodie city, you’d better believe that the airport has worked hard to provide some of the best food options to travelers coming to or from ATX. (Austin residents are actually really proud of the way that Austin has prioritized local food choices at the airport.)

You can find everything from Texas barbecue to cold pressed green juice, local pizza joints and even an iconic Austin sushi restaurant. 

Austin Bergstrom International Airport


You’re probably in a hurry, so this will be brief before we get on to the good stuff. This guide will feature the very best restaurants at the Austin Bergstrom airport, including a quick snippet of what to get there (like grab and go, wine bar, upscale restaurant, or coffee booth.) Be sure to use the map (below) of Austin restaurants at ABIA so you can find something near your gate. Or, keep scrolling to read through the list to get food recommendations (like the truffle fries at Second Bar + Kitchen or the Iced Turbo at Jo’s Coffee!) and an exact location of the Austin restaurant at the Austin airport. Cheers! 

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Food at the Austin Airport

Local Guide To The Best Food At The Austin Airport (ABIA)


Good for: a quick grab-and-go breakfast or lunch

tacodeli at the Austin airport

Type of food: breakfast tacos 

Location: Near gate 23

What to order: The Jess Special on flour (migas taco + lots of avocado)

Austin is known for breakfast tacos, and it just so happens that one of the best breakfast tacos in Austin is at the airport: Tacodeli. They have a bunch of pre-made tacos that you can get really quickly if you’re in a hurry (btw, tacos are pretty easy to eat on a cramped airplane seat!) or, if you want a truly delish taco, get one made-to-order. They’re the best. |WEBSITE|

Second Bar + Kitchen

Good for: a nice dinner or a glass of wine at the bar

Type of food: New American

Location: Near Gate 16

What to order: black truffle Pommes Frites, the Congress burger (add avocado!), and a glass of wine.

Although the original location in downtown Austin has closed, the Domain and ABIA locations of this New American gem are still operating. So if you have an hour of time to kill, ask for a table at Second Bar + Kitchen.

They have great cocktails, amazing scratch-made pizzas, and one of the best burgers in the entire city of Austin. |WEBSITE|

Caffe Medici

Good for: a morning cup of coffee

Type of food: coffee bar and pastries

Location: Near Gate 9

What to order: a cappuccino with whole milk. The drip coffee is good here, too. 

Avoid the line at Starbucks and grab some delicious, locally-roasted coffee from Caffe Medici. It’s a mini-chain in ATX with several darling cafes around the city, including one at the Austin Airport. If you’re flying out of one of the east gates (Delta, British Airways, Southwest, Aeromexico), Caffe Medici at the Austin airport will be close to you. |WEBSITE|

Peached Tortilla

Good for: a quick fast-casual lunch or dinner

Type of food: Asian fusion

Location: Near Gate 17

What to order: the Korean Steak Bowl served over jasmine rice with mango chia dressing

Peached Tortilla was one of the OG food trucks in Austin, and they now have two brick-and-mortar locations in Austin…plus one at the Austin airport! They have the most scrumptious Asian/Texas fusion food like dry-rubbed BBQ tacos with smoky roasted peach bbq sauce, or their amazing Korean steak bowl with yummy mango chia dressing. It’s a pretty quick ordering process here, so you can grab your bowl or tacos quickly, gobble them up, and get to your flight on time. |WEBSITE|

The Salt Lick Restaurant

Good for: a big meal of BBQ, grab-and-go brisket tacos, or a whole brisket to bring back home

Salt Lick at Austin Airport

Type of food: barbecue

Location: Near Gate 22

What to order: chopped brisket sandwich and a glass of their Texas wine

If you want *one more* meal of bbq before you leave Austin, you’re in luck: Salt Lick has a location at the Austin airport! It’s central in the main terminal, so you can access it pretty easily, no matter where your gate is. 

Besides all the scrumptious options on the menu, this Austin airport restaurant is fun because you can actually order a whole brisket to bring home. Yep! They’ll give you directions on how to prepare it once you get home.  |WEBSITE|

Amy’s Ice Creams

Good for: dessert

Amy's Ice Creams at Austin Airport

Type of food: ice cream

Location: Near Gate 21

What to order: the Mexican Vanilla flavor (tastes like cake batter!) plus some mix-ins. 

Amy’s Ice Creams was founded in Austin in 1984, and there are now shops all over the Austin area (including one on SOCO) where you can indulge in their sweet treats. There’s Amy’s location at the airport, so try to stop by if you have extra time. They’re famous for their 350 rotating flavors and a bunch of candy and cookie “crush’n” flavors. There are endless possibilities here. (Really great spot to bring kiddos!) |WEBSITE|


Good for: lunch with live music

Type of food: epic sandwiches

Location: Near Gate 23

What to order: The Patty Melt

If you want to enjoy some live music at the Austin airport while you eat your meal, check out Haymaker! They have the most delicious poutine (at the Manor location only, not at the airport), pretzel bites, sandwiches like a Louisville Slugger (thin-sliced turkey and peppered bacon smothered in gruyere), and an absolutely delicious Horseshoe Double Cheeseburger.

If you’re out in Austin, Haymaker is an awesome sports bar near the University of Texas with a bunch of TVs so you can catch whatever game is on. Definitely worth checking out if you’re near the UT campus. |WEBSITE|


Good for: cold pressed juice or a fresh smoothie

Juiceland at Austin Airport

Type of food: juices and smoothies

Location: Near Gate 17

What to order: The Originator

Juiceland is the most popular smoothie chain in Austin (the original location is still operating on Barton Springs Rd!) and they thankfully have a presence at the Austin Airport. If you need a filling smoothie or a quick afternoon pick-me-up, stop by for one of their delicious drinks. They even have coffee, matcha, and “golden mylk” options if you need something warm and cozy. |WEBSITE|

24 Diner

Good for: a big delicious breakfast (or lunch/dinner…)

Type of food: elevated Diner fare

Location: Near Gate 11

What to order: the chicken and waffles

Although the name “diner” is in the title, 24 Diner is definitely no greasy spoon diner! It’s inspired by classic diners of the 1950s, but they use locally-sourced ingredients to create chef-inspired comfort food like biscuits and gravy, goat cheese frittatas, and a meatloaf sandwich on rye bread. If you have a little bit of time in the morning and want to start your day with a big, delicious meal, the Austin airport location is a great spot to indulge in mimosa and a big breakfast platter. |WEBSITE|

Jo’s Coffee

Good for: a quick cup of coffee and a snack

Coffee at Austin airport

Type of food: coffee cart

Location: Near Gate 19

What to order: Iced Turbo

Jo’s Coffee in Austin has a cult following (it’s that coffee shop on South Congress that has the famous “I love you so much” mural painted on the side), but the Austin airport Jo’s location has the same menu of coffee offerings. 

If you love black coffee or standard espresso drinks, head to Caffé Medici at the airport. But if you want something sweet and fun, try Jo’s Iced Turbo. It’s their signature sweet, creamy drink with cold brew, cream, hazelnut, and chocolate syrup. |WEBSITE|


Good for: a dinner and a beer before an international flight

Parkside at Austin Airport

Type of food: Texas bistro

Location: Near Gate 3

What to order: roasted bone-in pork chop and fries and a glass of malbec

Parkside has been a staple in Austin for over a decade, and they have a location at the Austin airport, too! This is a great place for some crispy calamari, a local craft beer, and an order of steak and frites. 

Parkside is located at the very end of the terminal toward the east gates, so if you have an overnight flight on British Airways, stop by Parkside for a big delicious meal before you board. |WEBSITE|

Annie’s Cafe

Good for: a pre-made breakfast or lunch bite

Type of food: sandwiches and pastries

Location: Near Gate 27

What to order: brioche french toast.

The downtown Austin location has closed, but Annie’s Cafe at the Austin Bergstrom Airport provides an excellent spot for a quick grab-n-go breakfast sandwich. You can also get made-to-order options like steel-cut oats, fried egg sandwiches, and delicious brioche french toast. |WEBSITE|


Good for: quick sushi to go

Type of food: sushi

Location: Inside Austin City Market 

What to order: the sunshine roll

If you want something light and delicious, head to Komé for a bit of sushi. Komé is a beloved sushi spot in Austin on airport boulevard, and they opened an Austin airport booth in 2022. |WEBSITE|


Good for: fast food lunch

Type of food: fried chicken sandwiches

Location: Near Gate 22

What to order: The Cowboy - a spicy fried chicken sandwich with bacon

Sometimes you just want fast food at an airport. And while you won’t find McDonald’s or Chick-fil-et at ABIA, Flyrite is our local option for your fast food craving! They have delicious fried chicken sandwiches, tenders, salads, wraps, and beer. |WEBSITE|

Eastside Pies

Good for: pizza!

East Side Pies at Austin Airport

Type of food: thin crust pizza

Location: Near Gate 22

What to order: VERY limited options here, so probably just a slice of pepperoni 

This Austin pizza favorite uses whole milk mozzarella with a dash of romano on top of thin-crust NY-style pies. The airport location simplified the menu and offers personal 10-inch pies, so pick the toppings that sound best and just indulge. |WEBSITE|

MAD Greens

Good for: a salad to bring on the airplane with you

Type of food: salads

Location: Near Gate 16

What to order: the cobb salad

Sometimes all you want on a travel day is a big, healthy salad, and that’s where MAD Greens comes in. This salad booth at the Austin Airport has vibrant, filling salads and bowls with yummy dressings and toppings. |WEBSITE|

Hut’s Hamburgers

Good for: sit-down burgers and fries for lunch

Hut's Hamburgers at Austin Airport

Type of food: burgers

Location: Near Gate 14

What to order: a double cheeseburger and a shake

Austin residents are SO glad this burger joint is at ABIA! The original location, which opened back in 1939, sadly had to close a few years ago. So the airport location is a must-try restaurant if you’re visiting ATX. 

The menu is simple: burgers, fries, and really good shakes. It’s all about nostalgia. 

Saxon Pub

Good for: live music while you eat

Type of food: pub favorites

Location: Near Gate 19

What to order: chicken wings and fried mushrooms

Saxon Pub is one of the best small music venues in south Austin, so it’s no surprise that the Austin airport location offers live music, too! If you have a bit of time to kill, stop in for a drink, maybe a bite to eat, and a bit of live music. |WEBSITE|

Noble Sandwich Co.

Good for: lunch to go

Type of food: indulgent sandwiches

Location: Near Inside Austin City Market

What to order: The Noble Pig

The original location in Austin has now closed, so the Austin Airport location of Noble Sandwich Co is the last place to get these absolutely decadent meat-heavy sandwiches in Austin. Your life will instantly be better after you try their famous smoked duck pastrami sandwich. Promise.


Good for: grab-n-go breakfast

Type of food: cold-pressed juices, smoothies, coffee, and bites

Location: Near Gate 10

What to order: apple/spinach/ginger juice

If you need a quick and healthy breakfast, swing by Jugo for a grab-n-go juice, a cup of coffee, or a healthy snack. It’s from the same restaurant group that does Parkside (also at the airport), and they put the same importance on quality ingredients and exceptional service. |WEBSITE|

Salvation Pizza

Good for: a quick lunch

Type of food: pizza

Location: Near Gate 11

What to order: spicy Hawaiian pie

This delicious New Haven-style pizza at the Austin airport has pizza by the slice, beer, and wine that you can take to go or enjoy at their lounge. |WEBSITE|

Thundercloud Subs

Good for: a meal to bring on the airplane

Type of food: sub sandwiches

Location: Near Gate 30

What to order: The GreenBeLT

Ok, sometimes you just want a classic sub sandwich that you can easily bring on your flight with you. Thundercloud is one of the most popular sub sandwich chains in Austin, so give it a try if you’re at the airport! Two of the fun “Austin-y” subs that they have: The Ladybird, made with chicken salad, avocado, bacon, and jalapenos, and The GreenBeLT, their take on a classic BLT. |WEBSITE|

Beer at the Austin Airport

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