Here Are The Best Sandwiches In Austin

Sandwiches in Austin (unfairly) don’t have the same hype that they get in a lot of other cities. I mean, it's not like we have the same claim to fame as NYC deli markets or the New Orleans po’boy scene. (Granted, we totally own the market on tacos and barbecue.) But I’m on a mission to showcase the best sandwiches in Austin, because we have some ridiculously tasty sandwich shops here in ATX and they deserve some attention.

Best Sandwich Shops in Austin

They’re the perfect meal: easy to hold (bread, meat, and toppings all held in one hand), extremely versatile (you can find some pretty indulgent sandwiches in Austin, or make it simple and healthy lunch), and they’re typically a quick lunch food.

Use the map below to find the best sandwiches in Austin near you.

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10 Best Sandwich Shops in Austin

1. Otherside Deli

Best Sandwich Shops in Austin

Otherside Deli started as a food truck and grew in popularity to the point where they needed a brick-and-mortar in central Austin. Their house-made pastrami, turkey, and corned beef, quick and friendly service, and delicious hot and cold sandwiches have won over the hearts of Austinites! Seriously – they have incredible reviews across the board. This Austin sandwich shop is small yet mighty.

What to order: The Roddy (their patty melt): turkey with American cheese, grilled onion and Russian dressing on rye. Make it a “Rowdy Roddy” with spicy pepper relish. Definitely recommended.

WEBSITE | 1104 W 34th St D, Austin, TX 78705

2. FoodHeads

Foodheads pork and apple sandwich

It took me way too long to visit this Austin institution because I just kind of figured they're mostly a catering company. THEY'RE MUCH MORE! This is an absolutely adorable café that's been open since 1999, and it's still constantly full of locals and UT students and visitors who love their sandwiches.

There's no other way to say it: these are just the freshest and most delicious sandwiches in town. They're SO flavorful! The regular menu items are awesome, the rotating speicals are always worth trying, and the soups, homemade cookies, and lemonade round out the perfect lunchtime meal.

What to order: the Apple Pork sandwich made with grilled pork tenderloin on toasted bolillo with smoked gouda cheese, fresh spinach, spicy apple pico, and honey Dijon mustard

WEBSITE | 616 W 34th St, Austin, TX 78705

3. Home Slice Pizza

Best Sandwich Shops in Austin

Pizza is in the name, but the sandwiches are just as good (maybe better) than the pies at this popular Austin restaurant. The bread is made fresh and chewy, and the meatball sub is the best one I’ve found in Austin.

What to order: the Italian sandwich is you want something cold, and the meatball sub if you want something hot. A 1/2 sandwich typically fills me up.

WEBSITE | Multiple locations

4. Nervous Charlie's

Nervous Charlie's bagel sandwich

If you're gonna get a bagel sandwich, then REALLY get a bagel sandwich. Nervous Charlie's makes their NY-style bagels from scratch daily, and they're dense, chewy, and the perfect base for their enormous breakfast and lunch sandwiches.

What to order: The Ultimate Italian on an everythign bagel with black forest ham, genoa salami, hot capocollo, shredded lettuce, tomato, sliced white onion, roasted red pepper blend, provolone cheese, oil & vinegar, and oregano

WEBSITE | 5501 N Lamar Blvd Ste. B101, Austin, TX 78751

5. Little Deli & Pizzeria

casual restaurants in Austin

Just like number 2 on this list, Little Deli & Pizzeria is an Austin sandwich shop that’s mostly known for pizza…but also has AMAZING sandwiches! They’ve been a North Austin staple for 2 decades for their hot and cold sandwiches.

What to order: Harry’s Perfect Pastrami is their best-seller; it’s loaded with a 1/2 pound of top round pastrami (WOOF), fresh slaw, and thousand islands on griddled rye.

WEBSITE | 7101 Woodrow Ave Unit A, Austin, TX 78757

6. Biderman's Deli

Best Sandwich Shops in Austin

This Jewish-inspired deli is one of the very best spots to get classic deli sandwiches in Austin. They have a few locations, so there’s always something nearby. You’ve probably heard me talk about the bagels here, too.

What to order: the Jewish Italian is a fun twist on a regular Italian: beef salami, corned beef, bologna, swiss, lettuce/tomato/onion, mayo AND yellow mustard AND vinaigrette, all piled high on toasted sourdough.

WEBSITE | 3742 Far W Blvd #101, Austin, TX 78731

7. Easy Tiger

East Austin Restaurants

If you live in Austin, you’re probably like the rest of us and looove Easy Tiger for their delicious homemade bread and sandwiches and their fun beer garden! And if you’re visiting, this local Austin bakery is a must-visit. Stop by for some sandwiches made on their own homemade bread and a few pints of beer.

What to order: their Smoked Turkey Breast is a classic with turkey, brie, dried cranberries, parm crumbles, toasty walnuts, and a drippy parm vinaigrette on homemade multigrain bread.

WEBSITE | Multiple locations

8. Austin Daily Press

Best Sandwich Shops in Austin

Austin Daily Press is the place to go for really good tortas in Austin. They’re made on locally-baked Telera rolls and stuffed full of delicious ingredients like carnitas, roasted chicken breast, and cauliflower chorizo. Lots of vegetarian options here!

What to order: I adore their Cuban sandwich! Pork belly carnitas, black forest ham, house pickles, aioli, spicy mustard, swiss, and white cheddar.

WEBSITE | 1900 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd B, Austin, TX 78702

9. Pieous

Continuing with the theme of Austin pizza places that are also really good sandwich shops, be sure to check out Pieous in Dripping Springs next time you’re craving a sandwich. I almost left this place off the list because it’s not really a sandwich shop (they only have one sandwich on the list), but with a pastrami sandwich that’s THIS good, I must mention it here.

What to order: the only sandwich is the pastrami, and it’s pretty simple: 1/2 pound of perfect pastrami loaded on homemade sourdough bread + whole grain mustard.

WEBSITE | 166 Hargraves Dr h, Austin, TX 78737

10. Uncle Nicky's

Best Sandwich Shops in Austin

I adore this casual Italian spot in Hyde Park. It has a European feel to it, with a counter to perch and eat, casual cocktails, and quick bites to enjoy. The sandwiches are all served on soft Kaiser rolls and topped with simple and crave-able ingredients like Genoa salami and smoked provolone.

What to order: Spicy capicola and smoked provolone with arugula, red onion, sliced tomato, and spicy mayo.

WEBSITE | 4222 Duval St, Austin, TX 78751

11. Haymaker

Best Sandwich Shops in Austin

If you need some comfort food, go to Haymaker. They label their food as “regionally-inspired comfort sandwiches” with open-faced Texas toast smothered in gruyere, crunchy grilled sandwiches, Italian hoagies, patty melts, and more. It’s a fun sports bar to visit with a great beer selection, too. {photo via afar}

What to order: The Oregoner: oven-roasted turkey breast and applewood-smoked ham, honey mustard, sliced apples, and Tillamook cheddar cheese.

WEBSITE | 2310 Manor Rd, Austin, TX 78722

12. Jewboy Sub Shop

Jewboy Sub Shop

From the same owner of (yep, you guessed it) Jewboy Burgers, Jewboy Sub Shop serves big, delicious, no-nonsense subs. Their menu is inspired by the Texas/Mexican border as well as the owner’s east coast Jewish upbringing. Phillies, parms, melts, and cold subs: if it tastes good, Jewboy Subs will make it.

In addition to some of the best sandwiches in Austin, Jewboy Sub Shop makes crazy good housemate potato chips and parmesan fries. (I have a hard time choosing one side for my sandwich…)

WEBSITE | 6701 Burnet Rd Unit A3, Austin, TX 78757

13. Local Foods

Local Foods sandwich

The name is a little bit boring, but the food is SO tasty! This is a Houston-based mini chain that opened a location in downtown Austin during the pandemic. It's a gorgeous corner space in the highly coveted 2nd Street District that was designed by Michael Hsu Architecture. Dining-in is a great idea when the restaurant is this gorgeous.

The salads and bowls are phenomenal, but my personal favorite thing to order here is a big, hearty sandwich, a drink, and a dessert. Everythign is sourced hyper-locally. The menu might not seem all that crazy or special, and then you take one bite of your lunch and go, "why is this SO dang good?!" It's truly because they source the best of the best ingredients, and when your bread, protein, veggies, and condiments are all made from top-notch ingredients, the taste is next-level delicious.

What to order: "Crunchy" Chicken Sandwich made with oven roasted chicken breast, nut-seed crumble, crushed chips, tomato, house pickles, romaine, provolone, and buttermilk ranch on a pretzel bun

WEBSITE | 454 W 2nd St, Austin, TX 78701

14. Proof & Liquor

Proof Liquor and Deli

Proof Liquor and Deli is on the northern side of Buda, so it's almost in south Austin. It's part specialty liquor store, part deli counter, and it's 10/10 one of the best sandwich shop in Austin.

The fresh made-to-order sandwiches are all served with chips and a pickle, and the desserts are made in-house. They rotate (cobber, brownies, cookies, cake) and they're all phenomenal. Get dessert for sure!

What to order: The Angry Bird made with smoked turkey, melted swiss cheese, sautéed mushrooms, MAD pickles, arugula, tomatoes, red onion, dijon, mayo on toasted kaiser

WEBSITE | 3420 B FM 967 Suite B-107, Buda, TX 78610

15. Mum Foods

Mum Foods pastrami

For one of the bery best pastrami sandwiches in Austin, check out Mum Foods. It's a smokehouse and deli located in east Austin that started as a farmers market booth, briefly opened on Manor Rd in the old Elaine's Pork and Pie space, closed that space, and then re-opened further east in their current location.

It's been a lot of changes, but one thing remains constant: the quality of their food. All of their produce and meat comes from Texas farmers and small producers in the Austin area.

What to order: The Rachel. 1/3 pound of that famous pastrami on grilled sourdough rye with coleslaw, russian dressing, and melted swiss.

WEBSITE | 5811 Manor Road Austin, Texas 78723

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