Kid Friendly Restaurants in Austin That Actually Have Good Food

Here it is! A round up of the best kid friendly restaurants in Austin that *actually* have good food. This guide was created after one too many conversations with fellow moms asking “where can I eat in Austin with kids that’s NOT A BURGER RESTAURANT?” After you've had a few too many trips to Hat Creek and Phil’s and realize it's just time to start branching out.

Thinking of kid-friendly restaurants in Austin can be hard to think of at the spur of the moment. Often it’s getting close to dinnertime or a weekend when you have guests visiting, and you want to do something fun. And everyone is starting to get hungry or cranky and you need something FAST, and it’s hard to come up with ideas! (That’s why there’s a map of the best kid-friendly restaurants in Austin below.) 

A map of the best kid-friendly restaurants

Love Supreme Austin

But also, if you’re visiting Austin with kids, you probably want to find a place that the kids will enjoy, but YOU want to experience really good, iconic Austin food. It’s tricky! I hope this guide is helpful as you navigate the Austin food scene with children in tow. 

This is a guide to the best kid friendly restaurants in Austin with playgrounds, restaurants that have fun kids menus, AND all of these restaurants are fun places for adults to eat, too. 

The Best Kid-Friendly Restaurants In Austin

Sour Duck Market

A great big outdoor space, really unique and authentic Austin food, locally sourced menu. Sour Duck Market checks all the boxes.

sour duck market in Austin

It’s a big outdoor space with picnic tables and a gravel floor. Sour Duck market is the sister restaurant to Odd Duck, arguably the most popular farm-to-table restaurant in Austin. And while you probably won’t want to try enjoying a fabulous dinner at Odd Duck with your toddler (it’s a bit too upscale for little ones), Sour Duck is a great alternative. 

Sour Duck's has order-at-the-counter service, so you don’t have to worry about keeping bums in seats for too long. While you’re ordering and waiting for food, kids can play with trucks in the rocks, stand up, and move around. They have an incredible menu made up of farm fresh, locally grown and foraged ingredients. (It’s a phenomenal choice if you’re visiting Austin for the first time and want to experience some of our food culture!) But they also have a kids menu, so you little ones can enjoy a cheese quesadilla, a burger, or some pretzels + queso. 

1814 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Austin, TX 78702 | WEBSITE


patrizi's austin

Here’s why Patrizi’s is one of the best kid-friendly restaurants in Austin: it’s a family-run Austin food truck, they make some of the best handmade pasta in Austin, and it’s parked in east Austin in a great big space where kids can run around. It’s the best!

The food truck is parked outside the Monarch, and the whole thing is fenced in (which is great for a busy area of east Austin that’s near the UT campus.) 

Their pasta is absolutely outstanding. It’s a favorite among pasta-lovers in Austin, but even if your little one is a picky eater, you can probably convince them to eat a plate of plain noodles + butter. 

If you’re looking for a kid-friendly restaurant in Austin that actually has good food, definitely check out Patrizi’s.

2307 Manor Rd, Austin, TX 78722 \ WEBSITE

Tacodeli (Spyglass location)

Best breakfast tacos in Austin at Tacodeli

Tacos are always delicious, and Taco Deli is one of the biggest names in the Austin taco scene.

Here’s why I’m mentioning the original Spyglass location: it’s right next to an entrance to the Greenbelt. If you’re looking for a kid-friendly restaurant in Austin where older kids can get up and move around (and don’t need your constant supervision), the trailhead is right there so they can go throw rocks or whatever. Or you could start with a pre-meal hike, get everyone nice and hungry, and finish up at Taco Deli for some tacos and queso and margaritas. 

1500 Spyglass Dr Suite B, Austin, TX 78746 | WEBSITE


Whole Foods (Lamar)

Whole Foods Rooftop in downtown Austin

Yep, it’s a grocery store…but approach this with an open mind, and you’ll quickly see why the flagship Whole Foods Market in downtown Austin is one of the best kid-friendly restaurants in Austin. 

For starters, there’s a playground on the rooftop and it’s rarely crowded. You kind of have to know that it’s there (it’s not advertised), and there’s tons of shade, tables, and space to run around. (Plus it’s a great spot to enjoy the Austin sunset on a downtown rooftop…if you’re ever there without kids, get a glass of wine at Whole Foods and sit on the adirondack chair with a friend or a book.) 

525 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78703 \ WEBSITE

Inside you’ll find pretty much any cuisine you’d like to enjoy: you can get freshly made sashimi and an individual-sized can of sake. Or get their bbq, smoked on site, paired with an ice cold Texas craft beer. They have serve-yourself pizza for the kids, and you can indulge in a decadent locally-sourced salad. (Or you could just eat the pizza too - it’s really good here!) Literally any cuisine you want, it’s here.

(PS: The Central Market on North Lamar is similar: an amazing playground space + tons of delicious food.)


Easy Tiger

Easy Tiger East

With a few locations around town, Easy Tiger is one of the most convenient, delicious, fun, and Austin-y kid-friendly restaurants in town. They make their own sourdough bread, giant pretzels, breakfast/lunch/dinner entrees, and it’s a great place for young ones!

Easy Tiger East is one of the best spots for kids because there is SO much green grassy space, lots of shaded picnic tables, and tons of yard games like giant jenga, cornhole, and ping pong. They have a great list of Texas craft beer, some of the yummiest smoked pastrami sandwiches in town, and a great kids menu. 

1501 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78702 | WEBSTE


Lou's in Austin
Lou's in Austin

This is a super chill, fun, easy place to hang out in Austin. It’s from the iconic MMH restaurant group (Lambert’s, Perla’s, Clark’s Oyster Bar) and pretty much everything they do is branded perfectly and serves incredible food. Lou’s is a good kid-friendly restaurant because they have a big outdoor area, kid-friendly food (+ ice cream!), and some parking in a popular east Austin location.

1900 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702 | WEBSITE

Saddle Up

Saddle Up Austin
micklethwaite craft meats
Saddle Up Austin

This little east Austin bungalow has beer, coffee, homemade pastries, and a HUGE backyard area. There are two food trucks parked out back: award-winning BBQ truck Micklethwait (open early and they close when they run out of meat), and Taco Bronco, a fun taco truck that uses smoked meats from Micklethwait. Both trucks are fantastic, and both are fairly family-friendly cuisines. 

Adults can get some beer or other fun beverages, kids can run around outside, and everyone leaves happy!

1309 Rosewood Ave, Austin, TX 78702 \ WEBSITE


Fresa's patio

Fresa’s on south first street has a huge outdoor patio with creekside dining, big tables, and a festive atmosphere. They have a really great kids menu, some of the best margaritas, grilled chicken tacos, and homemade churros in Austin, and a lot of space in case the 6 pm crazies come out in your fam.

(Keep in mind that there’s no playground at this space. If you have kids who absolutely need that and you want Tex Mex food, try going to Flores Mexican Restaurant.)

1703 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704 | WEBSITE

Culinary Dropout

Culinary Dropout Austin at the Domain

Up in north Austin at the Domain is a fantastic place called Culinary Dropout. They serve American comfort food, cocktails, brunch, and more, but the best part is the giant outdoor green space adjacent to the restaurant.

Little ones can run around (soooo fun in the cool spring evenings we get here in ATX) while parents enjoy some food that *actually* tastes good. 

11721 Rock Rose Ave Ste #100, Austin, TX 78758 \ WEBSITE


hank's patio in Austin

First off, this all-day café has a really good kids menu! Their patio is one of the largest front patios you’ll find, and it’s a beautiful, spacious area to dine in Austin. 


Fareground Food Hall

Fareground food hall patio in downtown Austin
Fareground food hall in downtown Austin

Need a kid-friendly restaurant in downtown Austin? Fareground Food Hall is perfect! Grab your food from one of the walk-up food booths, and if it’s a pretty day you can take it outside and eat while the kids run around on the hilly, shaded turf. 

Fareground is Austin’s mega food hall with 6 eateries, 2 bars, lunch, happy hour, dinner, and brunch. 



This place has “elevated restaurant food,” which is a more sophisticated way of saying they have wayyyy more than just burgers, fries, and chicken fingers here. Although the menu has a lot of German influences (chicken schnitzel sandwich, house pretzel, or the IPA braised pork + spatzle) there’s plenty of stuff that’s classified more as “American favorites.” You’ll find everything from shishito peppers, wagyu steak + frites, and cacciatore pasta with creamy tomato sauce and smoked kielbasa. If you’re visiting Austin and you’re trying to only check out the BEST food in town, this isn’t necessarily it…but if you’re a local and you just need a restaurant where you can eat GOOD food while the kids run around, this is it. 

There are plenty of large tvs, a patio, and a fenced-in playground. 


Oakmont Food Co.

Oakmont Austin
salad at Oakmont
cocktail at Oakmont

There is a teeny-tiny play place for little ones (teeny!), but if you’re trying to find a toddler-friendly dining spot in Austin, Oakmont is a good option. The play space is just a small area of turf underneath the stairs, but throw in a few toys and maybe a truck or two, and your little one might just stay entertained.

Oakmont has a fabulous cafe menu of salads, sandwiches, and fun apps and cocktails. 


Kid-Friendly Austin Breweries (That Serve Food)


Pizza and beer at ABGB

Listen: this is hands down one of the most iconic Austin brewpubs you could visit, and it also happens to be fun for kids. Breweries, in general, are a fun place to bring the fam because they’re loud, casual, and typically have lots of space.

ABGB is fun because they’ve been nationally recognized as the one of the best large brewpubs in the country, they have amazing pizza for the kids but a larger menu of sandwiches/apps for adults, and they have incredible beer. Plus, there’s a stage with live music on the weekends, so you get to really experience the whole “live music capital of the world” thing that Austin promises.

Pinthouse Pizza

pinthouse pizza

Multiple locations and they’re all fun for kids! Each location is the same concept: order your pizza at the counter, find a table (they’re loooong picnic tables so you can dine with a big group, or share your table with other people) and grab a beer while you’re waiting for your food. 

This pizza is really good, they have some amazing nationally-recognized IPAs, and it’s a casual, noisy, family-friendly restaurant that pretty much everyone in Austin loves. 

Meanwhile Brewing

Meanwhile Brewing playground

This is for sure a great option for kid-friendly dining in ATX! Meanwhile has a HUGE outdoor space with an epic playground right at the center of it all.

There are a few kid-friendly food trucks on site (tacos from Pueblos Viejo or pizza from Dough Boys), but the really fun one is Distant Relatives, a African heritage-inspired BBQ truck from a James Beard Award-nominated chef. If you want an interesting Austin meal in a setting that’s great for the entire family, go to Meanwhile. 

Koko's Bavarian

Koko's Bavarian in Austin
Koko's Bavarian beer garden in Austin
easy tiger east

While it’s technically a brewery because they brew their own German lagers, Koko’s feels more like a restaurant than a traditional brewery. The outdoor German biergarten is great for young humans who need space to stand up and move around, and the food is fun for all ages. 

Jester King

Playground at Jester King

While there are many Dripping Springs breweries that have playgrounds, Jester King is also mentioned in this list of kid-friendly restaurants because they have, hands down, some of the best pizza and beer in Austin.

It’s a bit of a drive from the city center (about 30 minutes), but once you get to the 200-acre ranch with a playground, goat farm, kitchen, and brewery, you’ll be so happy you made the drive.  

Kid-Friendly Pizza Restaurants in Austin

Home Slice (North location)

homeslice pizza
playground at home slice pizza

One of the most iconic and recognizable Austin restaurant names…and they serve really good NY-style pizza and meatball subs, too. 😉

While the South Congress location is the original and has a really fun energy to it, the north location is your best bet if you’re dining with kids. There’s a small playspace on site with turf so littles can run around while you’re waiting for your pizza. They also have craft beer, wine, and draft cocktails!


Little Deli

While it’s not as common of a name as Homeslice, many local Austinies claim that Little Deli has the superior Ny-style pie. (You can be the judge of that after you try both.) But it’s a fun little neighborhood spot with some picnic tables, amazing pizza and sandwiches, black and white cookies ,and a great family-friendly vibe. 

Aviator Pizza

Aviator Pizza playground
aviator pizza Austin

While not necessarily the very best of the best pizza in town, all pizza is delicious! And Aviator’s location on Parmer has a playground on site, which instantly elevates this restaurant to any parent of toddlers.. 

They have a pretty good list of craft beer, some other non-pizza options (in case you’re pizza’d out at this point but you really just want to find something quick and easy to feed the kids), and quick service.


Love Supreme Pizza

Love Supreme Pizza in Austin
Love Supreme Pizza

Love Supreme is a great option if you’re dining with kiddos (because pizza..duh) but the adults will love it too (because they have two cocktail bars within the restaurant.)

The large outdoor covered patio space is nice for young ones in case they’re constantly getting up and down from the table.


(See above under "breweries)

Pinthouse Pizza

(See above under "breweries)

Food Truck Parks

Here are three food truck parks that are absolutely perfect for kid-friendly dining. There’s always space to spread out and let the kids run around and burn some energy. 

Cosmic Coffee and Beer Garden

Cosmic Coffee and Beer Garden
Leroy and lewis bbq

Cosmic is home to three food trucks: Award winning BBQ truck LeRoy and Lewis, popular taco truck Pueblo Viejo, and Austin classic Tommy Want Wingy. Inside the small coffee shop/bar you’ll be able to find a full coffee bar, cocktails, beer on tap, and other beverages. 

Radio Coffee & Beer

radio coffee and beer in Austin
Radio Coffee and Beer

A very similar vibe to Cosmic (and also located in south Austin), Radio has an indoor space with coffee and beer and three food trucks parked outside: Veracruz All-Natural Tacos, Dee Dee Thai food, and Briscuits biscuit sandwiches.


Littlefield's Coffee and Tacos

Littlefield's coffee and tacos
Littlefields coffee and tacos

This darling food truck park was created for kids to have a safe space to play! There’s a turf-lined area with some small play structures, and it’s all fenced in (which is especially nice since this one is right by Mopac.) 

There are two food trucks: Veracruz All Natural tacos, and Medici Roasting coffee truck. Littlefields is a breakfast/lunch only spot. 

Kid-Friendly BBQ Restaurants

Micklethwait (AT Saddle Up)

micklethwaite craft meats

This one was mentioned already under Best Kid Friendly Restaurants (located at Saddle Up in east Austin), but it’s being mentioned because it’s one of the best kid-friendly places to get AMAZING bbq in Austin.

Micklethwait has been listed in Texas Monthy's top 50 guide to Texas BBQ multiple times, they have amazing brisket and sausage, and they have some of the best side options.

Salt Lick

Round Rock’s Salt Lick location is absolutely amazing as a family-friendly eatery! It has Salt Lick’s classic BBQ (it's not the most amazing BBQ in Austin, but the fact that this place has a  playground just gave it a bunch of bonus points), good sides + desserts, and a few solid beer options. 

Metcalf BBQ

Metcalf BBQ

Just like with Salt Lick and Rudy's, this BBQ is pretty good. Not necessarily the absolute best BBQ in Austin if you're judging the food alone.

But if you want an amazing outdoor space, THREE playgrounds, endless picnic tables and live oak trees, live music, and pretty darn good bbq, check out the Metcalf BBQ location at Graceland.

It’s on the way from Austin to Dripping Springs, so it’s a fun place to check out for dinner when you’re coming from (or going to) one of these amazing Dripping Springs breweries with playgrounds


LeRoy and Lewis

Leroy and lewis bbq

This one was mentioned already under Food Truck Parks, but it’s worth mentioning again (because LeRoy and Lewis has REALLY good bbq, and it’s a very kid-friendly place.)

It's parked at Radio Coffee & Beer in south Austin.

La Barbecue

La Barbecue Austin
Kid Friendly Restaurants in Austin

While not technically a kid-friendly place (there’s no playground, green space, turf, etc.), if you’re visiting Austin and you want to try the best BBQ in Austin, here’s a tip: avoid Franklin and go to La Barbecue instead. Just like Franklin, La Barbecue serves knock-your-socks-off award winning brisket, but the line isn’t quite as long, the parking is a bit easier, and the patio is a little more spacious and kid-friendly. 

All The Burger Places

Phil's Ice House

Phil's Ice House
burger and sweet potato fries at Phil's Ice House

The Phil’s/Amy’s location on South Congress is a very popular place for parents of young kids! There’s a great playground, the burgers are solid, and it’s a fun place to enjoy a sweet treat for dessert. 

Hat Creek Burger co

Hat Creek Burger Company playground
fries at Hat Creek Burger

Hat Creek is a staple in Austin for parents of young kids because all of the locations have playgrounds! The food is inexpensive, served quickly, and they have breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Yep, it’s another burger restaurant (which can get a little dull), but they do have salads, a paleo burger bowl, and bottles of wine.

Waterloo Ice House

Waterloo Ice House

There are a few Waterloo Ice House locations around town, and they’re all kid-friendly restaurants in Austin. Originally a SOCO restaurant that opened in 1976, Waterloo is now known as a place to get classic “kid-friendly” food (burgers, nachos, queso, sandwiches, etc.) plus some adult-friendly stuff (salads, fried mushroom, cocktails) and they always have a playground nearby. 

Doc's Backyard

Doc's Backyard Austin

Once upon a time, Doc’s used to be a hip and happenin’ institution on South Congress. Although the Music Lane Development has bought out that location, Doc’s Backyard Grill serves the same Texas gastropub fare in Sunset Valley. There’s a great playground on site, a decent beer list, and plenty of kid-approved menu items. This is a really fun kid-friendly restaurant in Austin.

Other Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Austin

Hill Country Galleria

The Hill Country Galleria has a few good food options that you can get to-go and enjoy outside. (Try Buenos Aires Cafe, Madam Mam’s Thai, or Tony C’s Pizza.) There’s a central green lawn space where they often host live music. But even if you visit on a weeknight and there’s no live music, the greenspace is a great spot to bring a frisbee (for the kids) and a lawn chair (for you) and let them run around while waiting for food.

Kerbey Lane (Round Rock Location)

The Round Rock location has a playground! Most people think of Kerbey Lane as a pancake/breakfast/brunch place, but they have a really great dinner menu with rotating specials. 

Brentwood Social House

If you need more of a breakfast sort of spot, Brentwood Social House has an indoor play space for very young children. 

Mandola's Cedar Park

Mandola’s Cedar Park has an adjacent playground. Pasta, gelato, playground…everyone leaves happy! (The triangle location in Austin also has a playground nearby that all of the restaurants share.)

Bouldin Acres

It’s a bit more of a bar-vibe on the weekends, but if you want a fun weekday spot with kid-friendly food, pickle ball, tvs, lawn games, and a playground, add this one to your list. The food is “medium.” It’s not the most amazing food in Austin, but it’s pretty good.

Flores Mexican Restaurant

flores Mexican Restaurant austin

Not necessarily the most outstanding food, but this Mexican restaurant has a playground, inexpensive food, and it’s a very convenient option when you’re in a pinch.

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