A Guide To Mueller Lake Park in Austin Texas

Mueller Lake Park is a beautiful project in northeast Austin positioned strategically in the heart of Mueller. This gorgeous lake and park cement Mueller as one of the most family-friendly and walkable neighborhoods in Austin.

The goal of the project was to transform the Robert Mueller Municipal Airport (the old Austin airport that used to be in Mueller) into a mixed-use urban town in the middle of Austin, and it did just that. It's a great spot for an afternoon hike, watching the geese and ducks float around the water, or just enjoying the shady lawn area while enjoying a picnic lunch. To learn more about this lovely Austin park, keep reading.

Mueller Lake Park

History Of Mueller Lake Park

This lake and greenspace are located less than 4 miles north of downtown Austin, adjacent to where the old Mueller Airport was located. This project was presented when the Mueller community wanted to create a walkable, sustainable community of homes and businesses in this little pocket of east Austin.

Mueller Lake Park

But really, their ultimate goal was to make an urban-mixed town where the centrally located lake and trails could be accessible by Mueller’s neighborhoods. The idea was that customers from the retail centers and restaurants could easily reach the lake on foot. Mueller residents, employees, and visitors are now easily able to add in a few minutes of outdoor recreation in their days because of Mueller Lake Park. 

Mueller Lake Park

Park Features

This park features a 6.5-acre lake, an open-air amphitheater, an interactive playscape, picnic areas, playgrounds, a stretching area for joggers, and public art. There’s a 5-mile loop trail for hikers and cyclists, as well as more than 15,000 new trees planted throughout the development, which are included near the park's paths and other structures.

Mueller Lake Park
Ducks at Mueller Lake in Austin

Facilities And Activities

For many years, the Texas farmers market was held at Mueller Lake Park. Every Sunday, almost 50 vendors would offer anything from veggies to ice cream to dog treats and everything in between. Recently, the public farmers' market moved to its new permanent location at the Branch Park Pavilion, just a few blocks north of Mueller lake. However, this means that the area is now no longer overcrowded with shoppers every Sunday morning.

Aside from that Mueller Lake Park has a fantastic trail made for running, walking, and biking. The trail also has a nice little stretching area where you can warm up before going on a jog. There’s also an interactive playground with a very cool dinosaur sculpture and plenty of open spaces for public art. You can find plenty of picnic tables scattered around the park, a picnic pavilion, and a spacious field where you can play sports like soccer and frisbee. Mueller Lake Park is also equipped with an open-air amphitheater and stage where you can watch live music and other fun events.

The neighborhood, stores, restaurants, and other amenities like parking and a nearby set of restrooms are also very close to the park. 

Mueller Lake Park
Dragon sculpture outside The Thinkery in Austin

Is Mueller Lake Park kid-friendly?

The short answer is YES! It’s definitely made for families. With the park's new and shiny entertaining playground, it’s perfect for your kiddos! The children's playground includes slides, jungle gyms, monkey bars, a swing set, and more. 

The Austin Chronicle named the play area "Best Gyroscopic Playground" in 2011. It was recently redone by Austin-based KOMPAN, Inc., to make it more enjoyable and suitable for all kid's ages. The park also offers some shaded and comfortable bench seating for adults, making it the perfect spot to unwind while watching the children play.

For the open portion of the park, there's plenty of green space for family picnics and such.

The ducks at Mueller Lake in Austin

FAQs About Mueller Lake Park

Mueller Lake Park

How big is Mueller Lake Park?

It's one of the bigger Austin parks at 30 acres. The lake (more like a pond…) is 6.5 acres, and a good portion of the remaining space is an open green space with small hills, picnic spots, and a wide trail 

Mueller Lake Park

Are dogs allowed at Mueller Lake Park?

Yep, dogs are welcome here! They do have to be on a leash, though.

Mueller Lake Park

Are there outdoor concerts here?

Mueller's outdoor amphitheater, located in the center of Lake Park next to the playground area, hosts several outdoor concerts and sometimes even features a movie marathon!

Structure at Mueller Park
Mueller Lake Park

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