17 Best Restaurants in Buda, TX

It’s pronounced “Byoo-da,”ok? That’s the first thing Buda, TX residents will want you to know. The next thing is it’s a charming city south of Austin, and there are so many wonderful restaurants in Buda.

Actually, it’s a little bit shocking how many fun places there are to eat and drink here, judging by the size of this small historic town. 

Best restaurants in Buda

But the development of the Mill & Grain Co., which came up with 30,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space, paired with the 6 square blocks of historic downtown Buda space that’s perfect for restaurants to settle into, plus with the increasing number of foodies in Buda? Well, it all equals the perfect scenario for lots of great restaurants in one small Texas town. 

5 Fun Facts About Buda - Did You Know?

Before diving into a city’s restaurant scene, it’s always fun to know a few facts about the place. This will be brief (and fun!) so don’t skip over it! 

You might know a friend who lives in Buda. Or maybe you get to call Buda home! Regardless, here are a few little things to know about this city: 

  • Buda residents are called Budans. And yes, it’s still pronounced with that “y” sound after the B. “Byoo-dans.” Just roll with it. 
  • Buda is in Hays County, and in 2021 it was the fastest-growing county IN THE NATION! People love moving to Buda! 
  • The housing market is really interesting in Buda. There are lots of historic homes here from all the folks who called Buda home before it was the popular place to live that it is now. But there are also SO many new builds in Buda. In fact, lots of families choose to live in Buda because they’re able to buy these gorgeous newly built homes to immediately live in and enjoy (whereas a newly built home in Austin will set you back a few million dollars.)
  • Buda used to be considered a commuter town. It might still be a commuter town to some of its residents, but ever since the pandemic allowed more people to work from home, residents choose to live in Buda just because they love it. It’s a WONDERFUL community, and the city is really working on prioritizing city parks, fun events like parades and holiday festivals, and (as you’re about to see) there are lots of great places to eat. 
  • It started as a railroad town (no surprise!). Lots of small Texas cities started this way. Buda popped up in 1880 as a little town near a major railroad line, and that railroad line is now owned by the MoPac Railroad. 
Best Restaurants in Buda

The Best Places To Eat In Buda

Let’s get to the food! Here are some of the best places to eat in Buda.

I was able to chat with some of my friends who live in Buda about their favorite restaurants here (both new hot spots and older favorite restaurants.) 

Valentina's Tex Mex BBQ

And since Buda is just a short drive from Austin, I’ve also spent my fair share of time visiting restaurants and eating my way through this surprisingly dense foodie city over the last decade. 

Feel free to use the map below to find the best Buda restaurant near you! The map is interactive, meaning you can add you location to it and share it with friends and family who might also find it helpful. 

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The 17 Best Restaurants in Buda

1. Taste on Main

Taste on Main

The family that owns the fabulous Hays County Store out in Driftwood decided to open a fine dining restaurant in historic downtown Buda, and now Taste on Main is one of the hottest restaurant reservations to get both for locals and visitors! 

Taste on Main features craft cocktails and an impressive wine line, a raw bar, and high-end steak and seafood dishes. They somehow manage to take a very fancy concept and present it in an un-fussy way. The entire ambiance feels relaxed and welcoming, and you’ll look around and see entire families, including children and babies, as well as couples on dates, single diners, and pretty much any other category of foodie you can think of. 

Taste on Main

The interior is a classic white tablecloth restaurant feel, and the outdoor patio is a slightly more casual space.

The coolest thing about this restaurant, though, is the “treehouse.” There’s a live oak tree in the back corner of the property (and it’s HUGE! It must be hundreds of years old) and the restaurant built an elevated deck around it. Diners can sit in the “treehouse” under twinkle lights and enjoy their meal out there. There’s even an outdoor bar adjacent to that space. 

WEBSITE | 116 Main St, Buda, TX 78610

2. Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ

Valentina's Tex Mex BBQ

Valentina’s started as a food trailer in Austin and quickly rose to fame. The line got longer and longer, the national awards got more and more impressive, and they finally decided it was time to open a brick-and-mortar. And they chose Buda as their location! 

Their massive restaurant at the Buda Mill & Grain development features a walk-up counter where you can order, plenty of big tables for group dining, and a full bar. (Because you know what goes great with smoked brisket queso? Frozen margaritas!). 

Valentina's Tex Mex BBQ

Valentina’s is the best breakfast taco in Buda. Those big, homemade flour tortillas stuffed full of fluffy eggs and smoked brisket just can’t be beat. 

And the lunch/dinner crowd is proof that the Tex-Mex BBQ here is going to be one of the most delicious lunch or dinner meals you’ll ever eat. The perfectly smoked meats, salty charro beans, brisket-loaded queso and chips, and juicy smoked chicken have put Valentina’s on the map as one of the best restaurants in Buda. 

WEBSITE | 308 S Main St, Buda, TX 78610

3. Casa Alde

Helen's Casa Alde

There’s another great breakfast taco in Buda that’s worth knowing about! Helen’s Casa Alde has been serving breakfast tacos to hungry Budans since 1980s. In fact, lots of OG Buda residents grew up eating these breakfast tacos and are now visiting Casa Alde with their children. 

The tortillas are awesome, the fillings are fresh and delicious, and these are just all-around good, basic breakfast tacos. 

Breakfast taco at Helen's Casa Alde

Their most famous one is called “The Fattie” made with egg, sausage, potato, bacon, and cheese. It’s basically every delicious breakfast taco filling in one taco. And the simple create-your-own breakfast tacos are completely scrumptious, too. 

WEBSITE | 569 Main St, Buda, TX 78610

4. Mudbugs

Mudbugs Buda

Mudbugs is an elevated Cajun food joint located at the Buda Mill & Grain. (This place is directly across from Valentina’s!)

 They call their food “just shut up and eat it,” aka there’s not a super specific “theme” here. It’s just really good food! Try their crispy calamari with Creole remoulade and a X to start. And then be sure to order a bowl of their gumbo, made with andouille, seafood, and okra, and their famous shrimp ‘n grits. It’s made with Gristmill Homestead grits and lots of butter and cream. 

Mudbugs Buda

Mudbugs has a large indoor bar, as well as both indoor and outdoor dining. It’s great for a date night out, but it’s also the perfect spot for family-friendly dining in Buda

WEBSITE | 306 S Main St Suite 107, Buda, TX 78610

5. Progress Coffee and Beer

Progress Coffee

The all-day beer, coffee, and cocktail bar is the family-friendly space that Buda really needed! It has an indoor bar where you can enjoy a cappuccino and an Easy Tiger pastry in the morning, or a craft cocktail in the evening. There’s a small corner stage for live music and a big outdoor deck where guests can sit and chat or work on their laptops. 

Progress Coffee

In the front yard, you’ll find two food trucks (BBQ and breakfast tacos, because..what else?), picnic tables, and a playground. So this makes Progress Coffee and Beer one of the best kid-friendly restaurants in Buda simply because they have a playground!

WEBSITE | 750 FM2001, Buda, TX 78610

6. Louie’s Craft BBQ

Louie's Craft BBQ

Unlike Valentina’s fusion fare, Louie’s serves traditional Texas BBQ that’s smoked on-site. This is a permanent food trailer with outdoor dining, so just keep in mind that you won’t be dining indoors here. However, if you’re looking for a group restaurant in Buda, keep in mind that you can reserve a picnic table ahead of time by clicking on their website. 

The menu features typical TX BBQ mains: melt-in-your-mouth smoked brisket, pulled pork, and housemade jalapeno queso sausage. The sides (which are always my favorite part of BBQ, if I’m being honest) don’t disappoint. Be sure to try the elote and the birria beans. 

But the really fun thing about Louie’s Craft BBQ is that they serve these giant loaded potatoes. They’re filled with a half pound of smoked meat. Try the Texas Trinity: it’s packed full of smoked brisket, housemade sausage, and pulled pork. 

WEBSITE | 122 Main St, Buda, TX 78610

7. Ma’Coco

Ma'Coco Restaurant in east Austin

This gorgeous restaurant in Buda is actually the second Austin-area location of Ma’Coco, a Baja California Mexican restaurant. They use fresh ingredients to make scratch-made mole, fish tacos, burritos, and other Mexican food you might find in the San Diego area. 

It’s a fun concept because it’s quite different from the traditional Tex Mex food that you find throughout Buda and Austin. Ma’Coco is also a STUNNING restaurant. It’s a beautiful place to dine for dinner with a friend, a few drinks, and some delicious tacos. 

WEBSITE | 302 S Main St Ste 101, Buda, TX 78610

8. Teal House Bakery

Teal House Cinnamon Rolls

Teal House Bakery is yet another Austin-based restaurant that realized there are plenty of hungry Buda residents who could use a second location! If you haven’t heard of it, Teal House makes the BEST cinnamon rolls in the area. They’re scratch-made and soft and fluffy, topped with a heap of homemade cream cheese frosting. 

They also specialize in kolache, craft coffee, and croissants. 

WEBSITE | 200 Main St, Buda, TX 78610,

9. Dos Olivos

Dos Olivos Buda

Part Spanish market, part tapas restaurant, part wine bar, Dos Olivos is one of the best places in Buda to stop by, put your feet up, and enjoy a little siesta. Enjoy a few starters like a meat and cheese board or a serving of their olive oil bread, and get a flight of wine. 

Be sure to browse their selection of curated kitchen goods on your way out. There are lots of unique gift ideas here! 

WEBSITE | 306 S Main St Suite 104, Buda, TX 78610

10. Buda Soda Fountain

Buda old fashioned soda shop

Buda’s old-fashioned soda fountain has ice cream from Blue Bell, sundas, shakes, malts, and all sorts of old-fashioned candy. It’s one of those old-timey Texas town things that’s always fun to visit with kids! (Or adults who act like kids…) 

WEBSITE | Railroad St, Buda, TX 78610

11. Nate’s Coffee and Cocktails

Nate's Buda

A mainstay in the Buda Mill & Grain development, Nate’s is located smack in the middle of Buda. It’s a gathering play for residents at all times of the day. 

Stop by for a coffee in the morning when you need to get a bit of work done. (They have indoor and outdoor seating and fast wifi.)

Nate's Buda

In the afternoon, unwind with a happy hour beverage. Their happy hour deals are good! You can get a cocktail or beer for just a few bucks to enjoy on their shaded outdoor patio with your friends. 

And in the evening, they often feature comedy, live music, or host a karaoke night. Stop by for a nightcap, enjoy it at their outdoor fire pit, or just hang out with a few friends and enjoy the live music. 

WEBSITE306 S Main St Ste. 101, Buda, TX 78610

12. Main Street Pizzeria and Beer Garden

Main Street Pizzeria and Beer Garden

Where’s the best pizza in Buda? Main Street Pizza! This is a full-service restaurant with starters (try the stuffed mushrooms), salads, and a great selection of beer. 

The pizza is NY-style, with a foldable, chewy crust and a great selection of toppings. Their specialty pies feature a selection of their favorite toppings already chosen for you, or you can opt for a create-your-own (especially if you're dining with picky eaters.) They feature mostly domestic beers on tap, but you might be able to find one or two local options. 

Overall, it’s just a fun, casual spot to grab a pizza, enjoy a drink, and then be on your way to explore more of Buda. 

{Photo, Tisha M., Yelp}

WEBSITE | 214 N Main St, Buda, TX 78610

13. Water 2 Wine

Water 2 Wine Buda

This is Buda’s only winery! All of the wine is blended, oaked, and fermented on-site. And I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this wine when I stopped in for a tasting. My assumption was that it might be a bit kitschy and DIY, but the reality is that they’re sourcing grapes from some of the top vineyards all over the world (because, obviously, the grapes aren’t grown here in Buda…but every other part of the winemaking process happens here), so the quality is exceptional, to begin with.

Since these are low-batch wines, they’re all low-sulfite and low-histamine. This means that you don’t get those awful day-after headaches from drinking wine. You can stop by for a glass or buy a bottle, or you can get really involved and become a member who gets to actually help with your own wine-making process. 

They feature snacky plates that you can enjoy while you sip your wine, like a cheese board, hummus and pita slices, and avocado dip. 

WEBSITE | 304 S Main St Suite 103, Buda, TX 78610

14. Proof Liquor and Deli

Proof Liquor and Deli

A liquor store…and a deli counter? Yep, and it’s FANTASTIC! Seriously, these are the best sandwiches in Buda! It’s located in a little shopping center just of 1626, so it’s away from the main historic downtown part of Buda. 

But if you find yourself craving a delicious sandwich, cup of soup, and made-from-scratch dessert, just pop into Proof and order a sandwich at the deli counter. The cayenne toasted pecan chicken salad sandwich is amazing, as is the Reuben Gonzales, which is made on toasted jalapeno cheese bread and has a nice little kick to it. 

WEBSITE | 3420 B FM 967 Suite B-107, Buda, TX 78610

15. Meridian

Meridian in Buda

Quite possibly the best place to go in Buda for live music, Meridian features coffee, pastries, wine, beer, mocktails, and a beautiful space to sit back and relax. 

Stop by for a double espresso or a cinnamon cream cold brew and sit back on one of their leather couches for a relaxing morning. 

{Photo: Yelp, Heather A.}

WEBSITE | 200 Main St, Buda, TX 78610

16. Donut Palace

Donut Palace on Main Street is the go-to place in Buda for donuts. And we’re not talking about $6/donut gourmet pastries…these are just your basic, delicious, frosted glazed donuts that you can purchase by the dozen and be on your way. 

They also have amazing kolache, cinnamon rolls, and fritters. This is a no-frills donut shop in Buda, and it’s beloved for a reason! 

WEBSITE | 206 N Main St, Buda, TX 78610

17. Amici

Amici in Buda

For the best Italian food in Buda, be sure to check out Amici. It started as a food truck and was a popular place among locals for years, and now they have a storefront that they share with a pizza restaurant. It’s owned by an Italian family who has been in the restaurant industry for decades (starting out in Little Italy in NYC before making their way to Texas.) 

WEBSITE | 9521 US-290, Austin, TX 78737

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