What Is There To Do In April In Austin? 

Sure, it’s not quite the crazy month of march when SXSW hits Austin. And it’s not the beautiful fall months when you can experience warm afternoons and ACL Festival. But spring in Austin is an AWESOME time to live in/visit this city, and there are tons of things to do in April in Austin. Here are a few of the best options: 

Things To Do In April In Austin (2023)

1. See The Bluebonnets

See The Bluebonnets in Austin

You don’t even have to try. The bluebonnets are everywhere! These are the official state flower of Texas, and they bloom from March - April. If you drive around Austin, you'll see them everywhere, but one of the best spots for bluebonnet viewing in Austin is along the highways. Drive along the Capital of Texas Highway, Mopac, or many other big roads in Texas and you’ll see millions of these beautiful purple/blue wildflowers growing on the median and the hilly sides of the roads. 

Another popular thing to do in April in Austin is to take professional photos in the bluebonnets! (Or just snap some pics with your smartphone.) Here are some of the best places to take bluebonnet pictures in Austin. 

2. Start Swimming at Barton Springs

Go To Barton Springs Pool

April is still kinda/sorta cold in Austin, but it’s typically warm enough to plan a day at this awesome Austin spring-fed swimming pool. Pro tip: Barton Springs Pool gets PACKED in the summer months, so if you’re visiting Austin in the spring and you’re looking for things to do in March or April, plan a pool day at Barton Springs Pool! You can wade in the shallow end, jump in the deep end if you’re feeling brave (the water is 68 degrees year-round!), or just enjoy lounging on the grassy banks. 

3. Go Boating Before Summer Prices Kick In

Rent A Boat in Austin

Boating is a huuuuge thing in Austin! Whether you go out on Lake Austin (be sure to dock at Hula Hut and have them bring some Tex-Mex out to your boat!) or Lake Travis, a day out on the water is a must in ATX. 

Summer tends to bring lots of bachelorette parties, tourists, and generally just more people who are wanting to rent boats for the day. So lots of boat rental companies in Austin will lower their prices slightly in the cooler spring months when the demand isn’t quite as high. And if you’re willing to go out on the water on a weekday, you can save even more $! 

4. The ABC Kite Fest

Kite Festival In Austin

The 95th Annual ABC Kite Fest is happening in Austin in April! This is a free event that occurs every year in Zilker Park. This year it’s on April 1, 2023, from 10 am - 5 pm. Bring a kite and join thousands of Austinites in kite-flying content, a children’s concert, food, and fun. Don’t want to fly a kite? It’s very fun just to show up and observe the thousands of kites in the sky! {Photo: Katie B, Yelp}

5. Run the Cap10k

Cap 10k in Austin

Texas’s largest 10k running race happens in Austin every April. This year, join approximately 25,000 runners on April 16, 2023, in downtown Austin to race past the Texas Capitol building, through downtown Austin, and next to Lady Bird Lake. 

There’s a famous “king/queen of the hill” competition where the Cap10k records every runner’s time on the infamous hill at W 15th and West. The fastest runner to sprint up the hill in the middle of their 10K gets a prize! {Photo: Christopher T, Yelp}

6. Eyeore’s Birthday

Eyeore's Birthday

This is probably one of the most “keep Austin weird” events that you can find at any time of the year in Austin, but it just so happens to be a really fun thing to do in April in Austin. People dress up in elaborate costumes, bring whatever musical instruments they have on hand, and jam out in the park all day. 

This event has been happening since 1963! It started with a bunch of Austinites who wanted to gather in Pease Park on the final Saturday in April to celebrate Eyeore’s birthday. While it used to be a hippie feel-good gathering with music and drugs and no regulations, it’s now officially a festival that’s organized by a 501(c)(3) and used to raise money for nonprofits in Central Texas. Show up and enjoy the festivities, or find a way to volunteer and give back! {Photo: Leila R, Yelp}

7. Enjoy Patio Season In Austin

Dine on an Austin Patio

Let’s be real…patio season is basically year-round in Austin. But spring is an especially great time to enjoy dining and drinking outside. Why? The mosquitos aren’t crazy yet, the summer temperatures haven’t peaked, and you don’t have to worry about the dark evenings that happen in the fall. April is an AMAZING time to grab a beer or some tacos on an awesome outdoor patio in Austin. Try dining at Perla’s on South Congress for upscale seafood, go to Grove Wine Bar & Kitchen in Westlake for a glass of wine and dinner, or stop by Central Machine Works in east Austin for some beer and pizza. 

8. Go To A Farmers Market

Go to a farmers market

Woohoo, it’s spring in Austin, which means lots of fresh new fruits and veggies at the local farmer's markets! While winter is still a great time to visit the markets for the leafy greens and root veggies, there’s something really fun about seeing the berries and spring vegetables starting to show up in April. Try going to the Texas Farmers Market at Mueller on Sunday mornings, or go to downtown Austin to the SFC Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. 

9. Visit A Craft Brewery

Go To A Brewery in Austin

It’s literally always a good time to visit a craft brewery in Austin, and that’s because we have so many dang good ones! Check out Pinthouse Brewing for some killer IPAs, go to Meanwhile to enjoy their large outdoor space, food trucks, and a wide variety of award-winning beers, or check out the small-but-mighty St Elmo Brewing located at The Yard in South Austin. 

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