18 Coffee Shops With Amazing Pastries In Austin

One of the most luxurious treats in life is settling into an adorable coffee shop with a beautifully-made latte and an absolutely perfect pastry to start your day. This trio (coffee shop, excellent coffee, beautiful pastry) feels like a little “treat yoself” moment no matter if you do it once a year or 5 days a week. I feel a little “ping” of excitement when I walk into my favorite coffee shop in Austin, order a blueberry scone and a cortado, and sit down with my laptop to hammer out a few hours of work. I’m guessing you do, too, which is why you’re looking for coffee shops in Austin with the best pastries.

coffee shops with pastries

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18 Coffee Shops With Amazing Pastries In Austin

1. Carpenter Coffee

Carpenter coffee

Located inside Carpenter Hotel, Carpenter Coffee is so much more than a hotel lobby coffee bar. It’s a destination in and of itself. The retro-hotel vibes include white-washed brick walls, mismatched furniture, big green fiddle leaf fig trees, and funky artwork on the walls. 

Carpenter Coffee has excellent, splurge-worthy coffee. But their pastries are the main reason I keep coming back again and again. They’re made in-house at their award-winning restaurant. Try their flaky croissants, those yummy cheese danishes, or the seasonal pastries. The cookies are some of the best in the entire city - seriously. 

The indoor seating includes a well-worn leather couch and a few other comfy chairs, as well as a big communal table if you choose to bring a laptop and want a hard surface to get work done. There’s also ample seating outdoors. 

Paid street parking is available, and it’s typically pretty easy to find on a weekday morning. 

WEBSITE | 400 Josephine St, Austin, TX 78704

2. Patika

Patika Coffee

Patika Coffee on South Lamar started their own coffee roasting company. You can now enjoy Superthing Coffee at Patika, and I’ve found that a cup of their basic drip is the perfect pair to one of their sweet, buttery scones. 

I also have to give a shout out to their other coffee beverages, because the baristas at Patika are so well-trained and knowledgeable and know how to make a mean pour-over, latte, or a simple espresso shot. 

Patika Coffee

Patika is famous for their scones. They even offer them as a part of their order-ahead catering package, which would be pretty much the best gift you could ever give your office. But if you simply want a really good pastry at a coffee shop in Austin, order a blueberry basil scone (or one of their rotating seasonal flavors) and enjoy this small, cute, iconic Austin coffee shop.

WEBSITE | 2159 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704

3. Mañana


Many of the city’s best coffee shops are tucked into boutique hotels, as is the case with Mañana. This modern coffee shop with tall-ceilings and stunning textiles is where you can find pastry chef Amanda Rockman’s pastries. She’s a James Beard Award-semifinalist who started as the pastry chef at New Waterloo Hospitality (which runs the restaurants inside the South Congress Hotel) and now she’s the Director of Culinary Projects.


Ok, that was a lot of words…but the gist of it is that there’s a reason why the pastries at Mañana are some of the best in the city of Austin!! The Kouign Amann are absolutely amazing. They’re perfectly flaky and crispy, with that ultimate gooey center and caramelized sugar throughout. They were sold here before Kouign Amann was the popular pastry case item that it is now. 

Manana cinnamon roll

The big, gooey cinnamon rolls are 100% worth every single calorie. And the assorted breads, coffee cakes, and muffins pair perfectly with Mañana’s vibey-vibes and excellent coffee. This is one of my favorite coffee shops in the morning to sit, enjoy a slow morning, and get myself in a good mood for the day. 

WEBSITE | 1603 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704

4. Merit

Merit Coffee

Merit Coffee Roasters is a mini chain that started in San Antonio. Before you scoff at the word “chain” and assume this place is all about scaling over quality, think again. Merit is some of the best coffee in the city. Their reputable roasting company is an excellent place to purchase beans to bring home, and their baristas are consistently well-trained and skilled at making great coffee beverages. 

And the pastries? Holy delicious. Ir delicious croissants, muffins, scones, kolaches, cinnamon rolls, and macarons are all made at Bakery Lorraine (another San Antonio favorite!) and are among the very best pastries you can find in the entire city of Austin. 

Merit’s coffee shops are community-driven, made to be energizing and welcoming spaces that are great for work, conversation, or just grabbing a cup of coffee and a vegan oatmeal bar to go. 

WEBSITE | 1105 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704

5. Better Half Coffee and Cocktails

better half

Better Half is widely recognized as one of the best all-day eateries in Austin. I adore their breakfast menu, the burger + beer is one of the best happy hour deals in Austin, and the late-night cocktails are always a fun spot for a downtown hang. But the coffee + pastry combo at Better Half is also worth shedding some light on. 

Better Half is owned by a hospitality team with an impressive list of coffee shops under their belt (Brew & Brew, Little Brother Bar), so it should be no surprise that the coffee here is wonderful. The cappucinos are consistently prepared with that micro-foam and velvety-smooth steamed milk, and even the drip coffee is rich in flavor and consistently fresh. 

And the pastries at this Austin coffee shop are made in-house daily. Which means that the delicious orange cruller or their scrumptious chocolate chunk banana bread can be found here, and here only. 

Better Half is home to one of Austin’s best patios: a big backyard area, as well as a side-yard with extra tables. And if it’s a hot/cold/rainy day, the indoor seating is adorable, too. 

WEBSITE | 406 Walsh St, Austin, TX 78703

6. Swedish Hill

swedish hill

Swedish Hill is MML Hospitality’s awesome pastry, sandwich, and coffee bar. It’s a tiny space as they’re currently renovating the old Swedish Hill to make space for their new catering concept. But if you want a place to pop in, get a good cup of coffee and a GREAT pastry, Swedish Hill is it. 

It’s a small counter in Clarksville with just a few tables where you can perch and enjoy your chocolate croissant, nutella morning bun, or big slice of cake. 

swedish hill

But truly…these pastries are phenomenal. And if you know anything about the attention to detail that MML Hospitality puts into their restaurants (Elizabeth Street Cafe, June’s, Perla’s, Sammie’s…more than 20 in total now!), it comes as no surprise that this is a coffee shop with some of the best pastries in Austin. 

WEBSITE | 1128 W 6th St, Austin, TX 78703

7. Brentwood Social House

Brentwood social house

Social House ranks so highly on my list of fantastic places to enjoy pastries in Austin. This adorable bungalow in the Brentwood neighborhood of north Austin was created by an Englishwoman who truly knows tea and pastries. 

Every pastry here is made in-house, reflecting the history and flavor profiles of authentic British pastries. So, if you’re looking for absolutely delicious scones in Austin, head to Brentwood Social House. 

Brentwood social house

If you love fruit in your pastries, be sure to try the bakewell tart. It’s so good with a cup of black tea! It’s made with a soft, fluffy almond cake with a thin layer of raspberry jam, all baked into a pie crust. And their zingy lemon bread is made with real lemons, resulting in a sweet, tart treat. Seriously one of my favorite  pastries in the city of Austin. 

Brentwood social house

But don’t stop at the scones! The Millionaire’s Bar is absolutely scrumptious. It’s a shortbread dessert that originated in Scotland. It’s incredibly dense, sweet, and buttery, and topped with a layer of caramel and a layer of chocolate.

WEBSITE | 1601 W Koenig Ln, Austin, TX 78756

8. Teal House

teal house cinnamon rolls

We can’t possibly cover the best coffee shops in Austin with pastries without bowing down to the BEST cinnamon rolls in Austin! The giant, decadent rolls at Teal House are made in-house daily with a yeast dough, real sour cream frosting, and lots of love from the family-run bakery. 

And in case you didn’t know, Teal House is also a full-blown coffee shop. You can stop by and and order a fantastic latte, order a sweet cinnamon roll, and hunker down at a table and get some work done on your laptop in the morning. 

Another quick FYI: did you know that Teal House also makes croissants and kolache? So if you tend to go into a sugar coma after a cinnamon roll and you want something savory instead, go for one of their delicious ham and cheese croissants. They’ve perfected the art of yeast laminated dough, and these croissants are perfectly flaky and soft with a nice crisp exterior. 

WEBSITE | 2304 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704

9. Batch Craft Beer and Kolaches

batch craft beer and kolaches

I’ve found that Austin craft breweries that also serve coffee in the morning are some of the BEST coffee shops in Austin to avoid crowds. People seem to forget that they’re open in the morning. So if you want easy parking, short lines, and a guaranteed spot to sit, try checking out an Austin brewery that has coffee - like Batch Craft Beer and Kolaches. 

And for the purpose of this guide, let’s talk about their delicious pastries! Batch specializes in kolaches, which are traditionally a flat, open-faced pastry with a sweet fruit center. But here in Texas we’ve expanded the definition to include what most people think of when they think of kolache: pigs in a blanket. (No, they’re not “authentic Czech kolache,” but they’re pretty dang delicious! And Texans call these things kolaches, so businesses just run with it.)

The kolaches at Batch are made daily in-house and available until they sell out each day. The most popular flavors are the traditional sausage & cheese or the sausage, jalapeno & cheese, but they have a pretty godo variety of othe sweet and savory options. 

Kolaches are great if you want a full breakfast pastry to go with your coffee. These are fairly large in size, so one or two can make a good breakfast. (Especially if you get one with protein in it, like a ham & cheese or pepperoni & cheese.) 

And one of the best parts about this Austin coffee shop? Well, the pastries, duh, but also their beautiful big backyard. There is SO much seating here, a little area for kids to run around, plenty of space for dogs, and a lot of tables in case you’re hoping to find a good coffee shop for working. 

WEBSITE | 3220 Manor Rd, Austin, TX 78723

10. Thai Fresh

thai fresh

Thai Fresh has been a beloved bakery, coffee shop, and Thai restaurant in Austin since…way back in 2008! It’s located on a street corner in the Bouldin Creek neighborhood of south Austin, and it truly feels a neighborhood cafe. 

The bakery here is all gluten-free, and it’s mostly vegan. But if you don’t follow a GF or V lifestyle, no worries…you’re still going to love these delectable pastries. Everything is scratch-made and absolutely decadent. I’ve tried nearly everything in that pastry case, and I highly recommend the salty caramel brownies (they go great with a cup of coffee!) and the cowboy cookies (same - pair it with a cup of hot black coffee.) 

Thai Fresh uses Greater Goods coffee, a local roaster here in Austin. They have a full coffee bar as well as a fairly robust breakfast program. Lots of guests will be dining in for breakfast, but you can also treat this place more as a coffee shop and stop by for a latte and a pastry to start your morning. 

WEBSITE | 909 W Mary St, Austin, TX 78704

Sour Duck Market pastries

The next 8 coffee shops in this guide all source their pastries from Sour Duck Market, a phenomenal bakery in east Austin that uses local ingredients and has a robust pastry program. Whether you stop by Sour Duck Market for a pastry or you swing by one of these other coffee shops in Austin, you’re in for a treat! These pastries are AMAZING. 

11. Houndstooth


Houndstooth is commonly known for being the OG specialty coffee shop in Austin. They really care about the quality of the coffee drinks that they serve, and customers can tell a BIG difference. 

The downtown Frost location is my personal favorite, but there are a few others around town. All of them use Tweed coffee beans (Houndstooth’s own roasting company), have exceptionally friendly and skilled baristas, and offer a beautiful ambiance. And you can enjoy those Sour Duck Market pastries at all Houndstooth locations, too. 

WEBSITE | 401 Congress Ave. #100c, Austin, TX 78701

12. Fleet

Fleet coffee

Fleet is another one of those Austin coffee shops I would file under “coffee shops for coffee nerds.” It’s a tiny little triangular-shaped building in east Austin, and during the pandemic they changed their business so that instead of allowing guests inside of the building, it’s a walk-up window ordering system. They do have a small outdoor patio. 

The same attention to detail and focus on quality of beans and execution of coffee beverages remains, though. This is a good place to try some coffee beans that might be new to you, order an absolutely perfect cappuccino, and enjoy a pastry from Sour Duck Market. 

WEBSITE | 2427 Webberville Rd, Austin, TX 78702

13. Flat Track Coffee

Flat Track Coffee

Flat Track Coffee is a very cool coffee shop in east Austin. It shares a space with a bike shop, so it always has this bustling, energizing vibe to it. They have several tables too, so it’s a great spot to work if you enjoy the hum of ambient background noise. 

Flat Track Coffee Roasters is, yes, a coffee roaster in addition to an Austin coffee shop. They (obviously) use their own beans here, and they’re wonderful. If you’re needing a bag to bring home, or any coffee gear, Flat Track is a good place to purchase those. 

The small side patio is really, really cute. Great spot for a coffee date in Austin! And if you want a wonderful Austin coffee shop with those really good Sour Duck Market pastries, add Flat Track Coffee to your list. 

WEBSITE | 1619 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702

14. Radio Coffee & Beer

Radio coffee and beer

There are many reasons to visit Radio Coffee & Beer (food trucks, all-day hang out spot, beer, coffee), and so the Sour Duck Pastries that are distributed here each morning might actually be low on your list. 

But if you decide to forego a breakfast taco at Veracruz food truck and get a delicious chocolate croissant instead, just know that you can find one of the best ones in the city here. 

WEBSITE | 4204 Menchaca Rd, Austin, TX 78704

15. Spokesman Coffee

spokesman coffee

Spokesman Coffee is a coffee shop and roaster in The Yard at St Elmo. It’s a cool industrial space, and all of the raw coffee beans and coffee roasting equipment are visible for guests to see, which is kind of fun. 

They offer coffee in the morning and a tap wall of local beer at night, so this is an all-day spot. And if you order a bag of coffee to bring home, you’ll win yourself a free cup of coffee. 

Be sure to order one of their pastries (brought in each day from Sour Duck Market) to pair with your cup of coffee. 

WEBSITE | 440 E St Elmo Rd A2, Austin, TX 78745

16. Palomino


Palomino is one of those east Austin coffee shops that’s so beautiful, it’s basically guaranteed to end up at least on your instagram stories before you leave. It’s made to be photographed! 

They have a small coffee roasting operation that’s done in house, so the coffee you enjoy here was actually roasted here. And they have those absolutely scrumptious pastries from Sour Duck Market, so you can enjoy a delicious pastry with your latte. 


There’s also a small shopping area with curated home and beauty goods, which definitely fits the overall feel of Palomino.

WEBSITE | 4136 E 12th St, Austin, TX 78721

17. Cosmic Coffee

Cosmic Coffee

Similar to Radio Coffee & Beer, Cosmic Coffee is one of those all-day spots that might attract you for a variety of reasons. Is it the award-winning food trucks, the craft beer, the cocktails, the sprawling outdoor space, or…those delicious pastries you can pair with your coffee? 

WEBSITE | 121 Pickle Rd, Austin, TX 78704

18. Cenote


Cenote is one of the oldest coffee shops in Ausin. It’s located in a renovated historic house on Cesar Chavez, very close to downtown Austin. It’s actually a full-blown restaurant, with a big breakfast menu, lunch and dinner options, and wine and beer available, too. 

If you simply want a good coffee shop in Austin with great pastries, I actually recommend going to Cenote and ordering a chai latte! Their house-made chai blend is so cozy on a cold day (and their coffee is fine, but not exceptional.) You can pair it with a delicious pastry from Sour Duck Market and find a cozy spot to sit inside. 

WEBSITE | 1010 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702

coffee shops with pastries

How To Indulge In Delicious Pastries At Austin Coffee Shops Without Gaining Weight

After I finished grad school, I went on a nearly month-long European tour with my sister and my aunt before it was time to come home and start paying off my student loans and get started on “real life” back in Austin. During our trip, we spent a solid week in Paris. Every day started with a pain au chocolat and espresso. (And if I’m being honest, some days included at least two more stops at patisseries on the streets of Paris where we enjoyed more croissants, or other delicious baked goods. When they’re sooo good and so readily available, how can you resist?)

But what I quickly realized is that this delicious treat made me feel SO happy. I would enjoy my single croissant, sip my coffee, and then walk a few miles around the city, exploring and site-seeing. After a week of this behavior, I felt healthier and happier than ever. 

This is so very different from the United States version of a cheapy drive-thru pastry at a chain coffee shop paired with a huge, sugary latte, consumed mindlessly while sitting in traffic on the way to work. 

Here’s my point: I strongly believe that enjoying absolutely delicious pastries doesn’t have to be detrimental to your health. I’m convinced that the amount of joy you feel while savoring the morning treat is equal to the health gains you’ll experience. (This obviously isn’t scientifically or medically proven - but it’s simply what energetically happens for me in my life.) 

My vote is that you take the time and care to find an incredible Austin coffee shop. The type of place that has gorgeous interior design, skilled and friendly baristas, excellent coffee beans from a reputable roaster, and scratch-made pastries. Skip the drive-thru chain factory-made pastries and sugar-laden coffee drinks.

Spend the money on a really, really good croissant. 

Spend the time on allowing yourself to enjoy it. 

Spend awareness on the beauty of the space that you’re in. 

Watch how you can savor and relish and soak in the experience, and then you’ll feel energized and excited about life, instead of bogged down and sleepy from a sugar coma. (It works!) 

coffee shops with pastries in Austin
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On average, how much do pastries cost in Austin? 

Plan on spending about $5-6 + tip for a really good pastry in Austin. Again, this can seem like a lot of money if you’re just planning on cramming the pastry into your mouth and chugging your coffee. But if you’re able to slow down, chat with your barista, enjoy the beautiful coffee shop, and spend 10 minutes appreciating the experience, I believe this money is SO worth it.

Is Austin a good city for pastries?

I wouldn’t compare it to something like San Francisco or New York City. We have good bakeries, yes. And we’re starting to get some incredible bakers in Austin who are winning national awards and gaining lots of recognition. But it’s still a “baby city” compared to some of the incredible bakeries you find in other major US cities. 

The coffee shop scene in Austin is truly impressive, though! And if you use the embedded map of the best Austin coffee shops with pastries, you’ll be able to find some excellent coffee paired with the best pastries in the city. 

What about international bakeries in Austin? 

We have a lot! Most of them aren’t coffee shops, which is why they’re not listed here. But you can certainly check out Plaza Colombian Coffee for their delicious Colombian pastries, Café Nena’i for Aregnetenian sweets, Baklava House for authentic Turkish desserts, and Comadre Panadería for the best Mexican breads and sweets (among many others). 

swedish hill

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