15 Fun West Austin Coffee Shops

West Austin is a beautiful, resident-filled section of Austin that has rolling hills, views of downtown, and lots of gorgeous hiking and boating opportunities. Do you know what else it has? Good coffee shops! Yep. Just a few years ago, you could hardly find any locally-owned west Austin coffee shops. It was all big-name brands (you-know-who…) and with drive-thrus. Thankfully, Austin coffee shops have caught on to the memo that West Austin is looking for excellent java, beautifully poured lattes, and lovely little coffee shops where folks can sit and chat, get some work done, or just grab a cappuccino and a scone to go. 

These adorable coffee locations are ranked in no particular order, so feel free to use the map of the best west Austin coffee shops below to find one that’s convenient for you. There are a lot of factors involved in a coffee shop, like if they have a drive-thru if there’s indoor and/or outdoor seating, and what the food options are. We’ll try to mention all of those important details here. 

The best west Austin coffee shops

Finally, for the exact map borders, “west Austin” is a little bit vague. For the sake of clarity, this guide to places to get coffee in West Austin will include anything notable on the west side of Mopac, including coffee in southwest Austin, all the way up to Westlake (no, it’s not technically part of the city of Austin, but we’re including it because it’s smack in the middle of west Austin), all the way out to Bee Cave and Lakeway and up to the northwest corner of Austin (again, Cedar Park isn’t technically Austin, but let’s just not get technical, ok?)

It’s a big region because west Austin is much more spread out than the compact east Austin coffee shop scene. And because everyone deserves good coffee. Let’s go! 

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15 Fun West Austin Coffee Shops

1. Fleet Coffee at Littlefields Tacos + Coffee

Littlefield's Tacos and Coffee
Fleet Coffee in west Austin
Fleet coffee trailer in west Austin

If you’ve ever explored the east Austin coffee scene, you’re well aware of the incredible Fleet Coffee..and now they have a location in west Austin! (Using the term “west Austin coffee shop” very loosely here as it’s literally just on the west side of Mopac…but it still counts!) Fleet was opened by two coffee industry pros who have an obsession with sourcing excellent beans, treating them well, and pouring the best coffee drinks you can find in Austin. 

This Fleet Coffee location on Winsted is located inside Littlefields Taco + Coffee, an adorable food truck yard with two trucks (Fleet and Veracruz All Natural tacos), a bunch of outdoor seating, and a grassy hill where kids and toddlers can run around.

WEBSITE | 2401 Winsted Ln, Austin, TX 78703

2. Tellus Joe

Tellus Joe coffee shop in west Austin
Tellus Joe in west Austin

Looking for a vegan coffee shop in Austin? Check out this one! A coffee shop by day, and a cocktail bar by night, Tellus Joe is an intimate space with coffee, breakfast tacos, delectable pastries, and plenty of comfortable indoor seating. It’s actually next door to The Beer Plant, a fantastic vegan restaurant, and it’s owned by the same family. 

Their coffee menu has lots of creative flavors and syrups, including a caramel date macchiato made with double espresso, caramel, MCT oil, and date, as well as all of the classic coffee shops offerings like lattes, cappuccinos, and drip coffee. Their delicious breakfast tacos are also 100% vegan, made with lots of flavors like fiery salsas, roasted veggies, refried beans, potatoes, and plant-based bacon.  

WEBSITE | 3108 Windsor Rd, Austin, TX 78703

3. Mozart’s Coffee Roasters

Mozart's Coffee patio in west Austin
Mozart's Coffee patio on Lake Austin

Easily one of the most beautiful coffee shops in ALL of Austin, Mozart’s is located on the lake and has the best patio for sipping your beverage and looking out over the water for unobstructed views. Of course, most people know about Mozart’s for their famous holiday light show in December, but they’re open year-round for coffee, pastries, and a full menu of delicious all-day eats. 

Parking can get a bit tight, but there’s an additional overflow lot across the street. Once you’ve ordered your food and coffee, the patios have TONS of outdoor seating on multiple levels, and there are some indoor seats as well. 

WEBSITE | 3825 Lake Austin Blvd, Austin, TX 78703

4. Summer Moon (Multiple locations)

Summer Moon coffee | Best coffee shops in west Austin

Summer Moon quickly grew into a mini-chain of drive-thru coffee shops in Austin, and there are lots of locations in west Austin! Their motto is “wood-roasted coffee” and they’re famous for their moon milk, sugar-sweet creamy milk that’s added to the lattes. Regularly know exactly how much moon milk they want (“½ moon” or “¼ moon”) based on their sweetness preferences. 

Most (not all) Summer Moon locations have a drive-thru, and they typically offer a wide variety of pastries, premade Tacodeli tacos, and a few other snacks in the refrigerated section. Also, Summer Moon is known for their adorable interiors, so these are typically fun coffee shops for a breakfast date or a morning work sesh. 

WEBSITE | 3825 Lake Austin Blvd, Austin, TX 78703,

5. Madrone Coffee

Madrone Coffee Roasters

Madrone Coffee Company is a really big coffee house and roaster that started in the Texas hill country. This Oak Hill coffee shop is in a big, beautiful space (it actually used to be a pizza restaurant!) with multiple rooms, an outdoor playscape, and plenty of indoor/outdoor seating. 

Since they're a small-batch coffee roasting company, they prioritize harvesting the best beans and the best coffee from all over the world. The coffee blends are all very unique and fun. You can order their premium coffee from the website and have it shipped to you or pick up a bag in the coffee shop. 

WEBSITE | 6266 US-290, Austin, TX 78735

6. Trianon Coffee

Trianon Coffee in Westlake

This locally-owned west Austin coffee shop is an old-school spot that locals have been frequenting for years and years! They offer sandwiches, pastries from Quack’s 43rd St, tacos from Tacodeli, Rosen’s Bagels, and of course, a full coffee menu. They also have a pretty good variety of teas, juices, and other snacks like macarons, protein bites, and snack bars.

Trianon roasts their own single-origin coffee blends (the same guy has been roasting here for 15 years), and they serve all of the traditional coffee offerings like cafe au lait, drip coffee, and lattes. But they also have a 96 oz coffee-to-go in case you need to caffeinate a group. 

WEBSITE | 3654 Bee Caves Rd Ste A, Austin, TX 78746

7. Civil Goat Coffee

Civil Goat Coffee Roasters west Austin
Civil Goat Coffee Roasters west Austin
Civil Goat Coffee Roasters west Austin
Civil Goat Coffee Roasters west Austin

For sure, one of the cutest coffee shops in west Austin, Civil Goat, is located pretty far out in west Austin near Commons Ford Park (a great place for hiking and swimming, we might add!) and has an exceptional coffee program. They really care about creating amazing coffee, and they source and roast their beans from sustainable farms all over the world. This Cuernavaca shop + roastery is a beautiful, bright brick-and-mortar with an outdoor patio. 

And yes, Butters the pygmy goat is the store mascot. You might see this adorable little four-legged friend wandering around the property between the hours of 10 am - 3 pm…or whenever he feels like it. 

WEBSITE | 704 Cuernavaca Dr N, Austin, TX 78733

8. Lola Savannah Coffee Lounge (Multiple Locations)

Lola Savannah coffee shop in west Austin

Lola Savannah Coffee Lounge is a coffee and wine bar with a few locations around Austin. They make their own breakfast tacos, offer lots of sweet treats, and have a full coffee bar. Lola Savannah is actually the sister restaurant to The Grove, so you know that the wine selection will be great (in case you’re hoping for a glass of wine in a sophisticated cafe setting.) 

WEBSITE | Multiple locations

9. Epoch Far West

Epoch Coffee Far West Blvd
Epoch Coffee in west Austin
Epoch Coffee Far West Blvd

Old-school Austinites are very familiar with Epoch. The original location on North Loop is open 24/7, thus a very popular study location for UT students. This west Austin coffee shop location on Far West Blvd closes in the evening, but it’s still an excellent option for a cup of joe in northwest Austin. 

While the coffee is not necessarily the most pretentious program in the city, Epoch has a comfortable, homey ambiance, and it’s a great place to hunker down for a bit and get some work done. Every month they feature a different local Austin artist, showcasing her artwork in the coffee shop. It’s often available for purchase in case you see something that catches your eye! 

WEBSITE | 3900 Far W Blvd, Austin, TX 78731

10. Coffee Shark Espresso and Pints

Coffee Shark Espresso in West Austin
Coffee Shark Espresso in west Austin

This beautiful northwest Austin coffee shop and tap room is a bright, light-filled space to gather with friends for a latte and a conversation. Coffee Shark has really focused on becoming a community gathering spot, so they offer lots of various seating arrangements (bar stools, couches, tables, and outdoor spots) and food and drink offerings for any time of day. 

Grab craft coffee from Third Coast Coffee or nitro coffee on tap. If you’re hungry, they have a lot of food options from local Austin restaurants, like pastries from Russel’s Bakery, tacos from Tacodeli, and bagels from Rockstar Bagels. Of course, if your coffee shop time blends over to happy hour, Coffee Shark has sandwiches, soups, salads, and 13 taps of local Austin craft beer. 

WEBSITE | 7300 Ranch Rd 2222, Austin, TX 78730

11. Black Rock Coffee

Originally from Portland, Oregon, Black Rock Coffee now has an Austin drive-thru cafe in west Austin! They actually have dozens of locations in 8 different states now. While it’s not locally Austin-owned, it is a pretty good caffeine option in a part of west Austin that’s lacking in coffee shop locations. 

Get your classics, hot or iced, like Americanos, drip, and lattes. Or go for one of their specialty coffee drinks, like their Mexican Mocha, made with vanilla and cinnamon. They have tons of syrup flavors and a lot of non-dairy milk options, and did we mention the drive-thru?

WEBSITE | 7415 Southwest Pkwy BLDG 6, Suite 700, Austin, TX 78735

12. Illuminate Coffee Bar

This beautiful craft coffee bar in west Austin was designed with the intention to ILLUMINATE your life and drive out darkness with the ritual of a daily beverage. The baristas strive to treat everyone with love and care. Their goal is to make a wonderful coffee experience for you every day. 

They serve coffee from two local Austin coffee roasters: Try Hard and Wild Gift. The menu has regular coffee options, but they also have a bunch of specialty lattes. The ILLUMINATE latte is made with honey, espresso, coconut oil, and steamed milk. For food options, you can grab pastries from Russell’s Bakery or tamales from Tamale Addiction. They also have local craft beer on tap and bottles of wine available.  

WEBSITE | 12129 N FM 620 #102, Austin, TX 78750

13. Red Horn Coffee House

Red Horn coffee house and brewery
Red Horn coffee house and brewery

You might miss this place if you’re looking for coffee shops…it’s both a craft brewery AND a coffee house, and they roast their own beans! Red Horn has two locations, but only the Parmer Lane location is a coffee house. 

It’s a cozy, welcoming space with mostly indoor seating and a few tables on a wooden deck outside. They make everything here, so it’s a great place to support a local business! Grab your latte, hunker down for a few hours of work, or meet up with a group of friends for coffee or beer.  

WEBSITE | 13010 W Parmer Ln #800, Cedar Park, TX 78613

14. Russell’s Bakery and Coffee

Cinnamon roll at Russell's Bakery

Russell’s Bakery and Coffee has been serving their scratch-made goodies and coffee beverages in the Hancock shopping center for twenty years. It’s always a popular spot on Saturday mornings. You’ll see local Austin families stopping by for their signature cinnamon rolls and coffee or picking up cake and pie orders for weekend birthday parties. 

The coffee isn’t the star of the show here, but they do have a full coffee bar with both drip coffee and espresso-based drinks like lattes and Americanos. And the cafe is quaint and cozy, with plenty of tables for enjoying your muffin and latte. 

WEBSITE | 3339 Hancock Dr, Austin, TX 78731

15. Biderman’s Deli

Best Restaurants In West Austin (With Map)

This Jewish deli on Far West Blvd is not only one of the best places to get bagels in Austin…it’s also a good option for a west Austin coffee shop. Of course, you must get one of their bagel sandwiches (made with Rosen’s Bagel) to pair with your coffee, whether you’re planning to dine in or carry out. 

WEBSITE | 3742 Far W Blvd #101, Austin, TX 78731

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