10 Cool Coffee Shops in East Austin

If you're looking for really cool coffee shops in Austin, you need to head to east Austin! (Side note: east Austin, in general, is pretty rad.) The vibe in east Austin is lots of young professionals, and the 20s and 30s crowd loves a good coffee shop.

The only down side is that you're going to have trouble choosing just one place to visit! The next time you want to leave your home office and work from a coffee shop or just meet up with a friend and enjoy a latte, here are 10 options in east Austin for you to consider:

Palomino coffee in east Austin

10 Cool Coffee Shops In East Austin

1. Cuvée Coffee Bar

cappucino at east austin cuvee coffee shop

Cuvée is a local roaster here in Austin, so you'll see this coffee around town. But their own coffee shop in East Austin is a fun spot to pop in, grab a table, and stay a while.

They have free wifi, lots of table space to spread out with your laptop, and a small front patio overlooking the busy East Austin atmosphere.

Bonus: they have a lot of great local Austin beers on tap.

WEBSITE | 2000 E 6TH St, Austin, TX 78702

2. Palomino Coffee

Palomino Coffee in east Austin

Easily one of the most instagrammable coffee shops in east Austin. Go to Palomino not just for the caffeine but also for the beautiful coffee shop vibes.

While the inside space is somewhat limited, there's a large patio where you can meet up with a friend or bring your laptop for a solo work session.

WEBSITE | 4136 E 12TH St, Austin, TX 78721

3. Revival Coffee

pink coffee shop in Austin

This is that pink coffee shop in Austin that you've probably seen in pictures (because it photographs really well.) Revival is one of the most-photographed coffee shops in east Austin. It's pretty cute!

They have all the espresso classics that you expect, like lattes and cappuccinos. But while you're here, order one of their specialty drinks like the fruity pebbles latte with lavender and matcha.

WEBSITE | 1405 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78702

4. Flitch Coffee

Flitch coffee trailer in east Austin

Want a cute little coffee trailer in East Austin? Check out Flitch! They're in a renovated 1952 spartan trailer that's permanently parked under a canopy of big shady trees. There's a little seating area to the left of the coffee bar.

Flitch serves specialty coffee. They work with nationally-renowned roasters to source the best beans and serve really high quality drinks. You can also order locally-sourced biscotti, breakfast tacos, pastries, kombucha, and more.

WEBSITE | 641 Tillery St, Austin, TX 78702

5. Flat Track Coffee

Bike shop and coffee lounge in east Austin

Yep, it's a bike shop and a coffee bar. Flat Track is a well known coffee roaster here in Austin, and they roast and brew their own coffee at this adorable east Austin coffee shop.

The staff is friendly and knowledgable. There are a few indoor and outdoor seats where you can sit a while and enjoy your latte.

WEBSITE | 1619 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702

6. Fleet Coffee

Fleet Coffee Co. might be the teeniest coffee shop in east Austin, but it is mightier than its square footage. It was created by two barista pros, and over the years Fleet has continued to serve from an impressive coffee program.

This east Austin coffee shop just feels very Austin-y and cool. Trust us on this one.

WEBSITE | 2427 Webberville RD, Austin, TX 78702

7. Lazarus Brewing Co

While it's technically a brewery, Lazarus opens early and has a robust coffee program. They roast their beans in-house and have a full menu with drip coffee and espresso-based drinks.

This is a really popular evening/weekend hangout spot, but on the weekday mornings, it's pretty quiet. If you want a guaranteed spot to sit with your laptop to get work done, Lazarus is it. Psst: they have really good breakfast tacos here.

WEBSITE | 1902 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702

8. Brew & Brew

Brew & Brew in east Austin | where to drink during SXSW

This industrial coffee shop and bar is in an area of town called "east downtown." It's just on the east side of I35, convenient to both downtown Austin and east Austin.

They have rolling garage doors that stay open on pretty days, and a great coffee program. Go in the afternoons/evenings for a beer from their sizable tap wall, or pop in early for coffee and breakfast.

WEBSITE | 500 San Marcos St #105, Austin, TX 78702

9. Figure 8 Coffee Purveyors

Figure 8 Coffee Purveyors

This chic and cozy coffee shop in east Austin is a fun spot for coffee dates...solo or social. They've been roasting and serving their own coffee since 2014.

It's a small building that has a very "east Austin vibe" to it. There's a small counter, some indoor seating, and whitewashed brick walls with greenery spilling over from potted plants. It's a very calming place to enjoy a morning cup of joe.

WEBSITE | 1111 Chicon St, Austin, TX 78702

10. Greater Goods Roasting

Greater Goods Roasting in Austin Texas

Drink coffee for the greater good! For every bag purchased, Greater Goods Roasting donates to a Texas charity.

Their east Austin coffee shop is bright and airy. The signature orange color pops throughout the otherwise bright, neutral space. Their coffee is exceptional; this is a good spot to grab souvenirs like a bag to-go or a travel coffee mug.

WEBSITE | 2501 E 5th St, Austin, TX 78702

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