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Where To Play Bingo In Austin

By The Austin Things | May 11, 2022
Capital Bingo

Since it’s soooo dang entertaining and requires basically zero physical activity, Bingo is probably never going to go out of style. Some Austinites have even made it their primary hobby! (Hey, it’s pretty addicting..)  Besides the obvious entertainment it brings to people, playing this game also has a positive impact because bingo halls are required…

Do You Need A Car In Austin?

By The Austin Things | May 8, 2022
Downtown Austin skyline at night

Wondering if you need a car when you visit Austin? Ok, hi! Sure! I’ll answer that. As a local Austin resident and someone who is constantly hopping around ATX to eat and explore, I have a feel for the best places to stay and how you should plan to get around. Do you need a…

100 Creative Date Ideas In Austin

By The Austin Things | May 6, 2022
Austin rock climbing

You’ve done dinner and a movie a hundred times..…but what about some other fun date ideas in Austin? There are so many amazing things to do in Austin, and with just a bit of planning you can get out of your normal date rut and try something that bonds you closer as a couple. 100…

Kid Friendly Restaurants in Austin That Actually Have Good Food

By The Austin Things | March 25, 2022
homeslice pizza

Here it is! A round up of the best kid friendly restaurants in Austin that *actually* have good food. This guide was created after one too many conversations with fellow moms asking “where can I eat in Austin with kids that’s NOT A BURGER RESTAURANT?” After you’ve had a few too many trips to Hat…

A Map Of The Best Cocktail Bars In Austin

By The Austin Things | March 22, 2022
Sazan Cocktail Bar

The next time you’re in the mood for a fun night out of cocktails with your friends, or you’re looking for a swanky cocktail bar in Austin for pre-dinner drinks, check out one of these fun spots. Rather than an exhaustive list of all the places in town to get cocktails, this is a roundup…

Best Date Night Spots In Georgetown

By Addie Gross | March 1, 2022

If you’re looking for the best date night spots in Georgetown (a suburb juuuust north of Austin) you’ve come to the right place! Whether it’s a happy hour date, a romantic dinner, or a group outing with friends, we’ve got got just the place for you. Austin has so many options for fun date night spots, but the…

7 Absolutely Iconic Queso Spots In Austin

By The Austin Things | February 28, 2022
Torchy's Queso in Austin

Queso is a quintessential Austin food. It’s a melty, gooey, shareable dish of cheese + various toppings, and it’s always served with crip, salty tortilla chips (some are better than others…more on that later.) Visitors always want to know where to find the best queso in Austin, so here’s a roundup of 7 great options…

Dripping Springs Breweries With Playgrounds

By The Austin Things | February 15, 2022
Playground at Jester King

If you have little ones, you’re no doubt looking for kid-friendly restaurants where they can run around and play. One of the best places near Austin for lots of space, sunshine, and beer (!!) is Dripping Springs. It’s about 10 miles southwest of the city. Because of zoning laws and real estate prices, it’s a…

The 10 Best Austin Restaurants

By The Austin Things | February 14, 2022
East Austin Restaurants

So, you only have a day or two… …and you want to know where to eat in Austin? This quick list of 10 restaurants is exactly what you need. While there are SO many amazing restaurants in Austin, there’s a finite amount of time to eat your way through the city. What are the *actual*…

The Best Spas in Austin

By The Austin Things | February 14, 2022
Best Spas in Austin

We’re rounding up some of the most beautiful spas in Austin! If you’ve been under stress lately, try taking some “me time” and go enjoy a facial or a massage. There are lots of fantastic options here in ATX that offer online booking, so it’s easier than ever to reserve a massage or all-day package…

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